This was a trip which i was supposed to happen last month, but due to few health scares it got postponed to Sept. My dad had booked the maamalla beach reasort for last month, since we couldnt go , the reservation was carried forward for this month. Finally on 19th Sept me, mom , dad and my dad’s friend with his family left for mahabalipuram. After a drive through the morning rush hour traffic on hosur road , we stopped for saravana bhavan for breakfast.

After completing breakfast we proceeded towards our destination. I was really impressed by the condition of the roads. We were zipping at 100-120 kms/hr and i was really enjoying the ride. I am thinking of doing the same when i go to pondicherry shortly. Another small pit stop was taken for cofee.

View of the NH

After finishing some rest we proceeded further. I had noticed a total of 5 toll booths in the entire stretch until we reached mahabalipuram which collect toll for the road maintainence. Since it was the first time we were travelling on this road we were not sure of the directions. We had to ask for the route everytime we stopped at a toll booth. We were informed that we can reach mahabalipuram by going through kancheepuram as was a shorter distance than goin to chennai.

We took the first option and we reached kancheepuram by lunch time. The moment we entered the town we were almost swarmed by people who were intent on making us by some thing or the other , most probably silk sarees which kanchi is famous for. Strangely my mom resisted all that Smiling as we were already running late. After a quick bite we left kanchi and headed directly for our destination. We reached mahabalipuram @ 3 in the afternoon.

The resort is located on the main road just a few mts after the IO petrol bunk. The sea is just behind the resort. The resort also contains a swimming pool 35 A/C rooms and a well furnished dinning area.

After checking into our rooms i headed to the pool to take a dip and to relax for while. I was expecting to see a good sunset , however i was disappointed to find out that I can only catch the sunrise as mahabalipuram lies towards the east.  It began to rain heavily while i was still in the pool. I ddint mind getting drenched as i was in the pool anyways Smiling

Saturday was spent lazing in the pool and in the room in the of the Tv.

Sunday i got up early morning lest i should miss the sunrise. Took the cam and ran to the beach. It was around 5.45 and the sunrise had just began.Managed to take quite a lot of snaps and needless to say it was a really nice to see the sun rise in all it glory.

Sunrise at Mahabalipuram

Another sunrise shot

After a couple of cuppa’s and freshing up we headed for sightseeing.

There are a couple of important things to see in mahabalipuram.

  • Arjuna’s Penance – A monolothic rock with sculptures depecting arjuna’s penance in favour of lord shiva

Arjuna’s Penance

Temple Complex

Krishna’s Bowl

  • Shore Temple – Temples built for shiva and vishnu

Shore Temple


  • Five Rathas – Temples for pandavas

Five Rathas




  • Tiger Cave – An open air theater where the king n queen used to enjoy the dances

Tiger Cave


  • Crocodile Bank

After seeing Arjuna’s penance , shore temple and five rathas we headed back to the resort for lunch. Another quick dip in the pool ensured that the heat would stay away for a while.

Evening was spent at tiger cave , crocodile park and we enjoyed a short boat ride at the river which was at a short distance from the resort. After finishing the boat ride , I saw a partial sunset which I took a few snaps


We returned back to the resort, and spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV. Had dinner and dozed off.

Monday being the final day , got up early again to catch the sunrise.


We bid adieu to mahabalipuram as we left the resort @ 9.30. Reached bangalore at 8 in the night, thanks to the famous traffic jam near hosur

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Snaps can be found here

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  1. kamal says:

    mahabalipuram is such beautiful place.

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