A drive without destination

After completing my solo trip to mysore I was hoping to continue to do some more of these trips the following week. Thus I began to discuss with my friend the possibilities of a 2 day outing. With karnataka gripped in floods choosing a destination was becoming increasingly difficult. Initially we had thought of doing agumbe-sringeri route however that had to be abandoned due to heavy rains. I was keeping an eye on the weather reports as i taking the car out in rain would be impossible. The deliberations continued as we touched upon waynad, ooty masinagudi etc. With all my friends dropping out, me and my friend were in a fix as to what has to be done. As covering waynad would be a costly affair for 2 ppl.Luckly one of my other friend said he would join at the last moment. With 3 ppl , we had tentatively decided to go to chitradurga to see the fort. This was not meant to happen as the place was flooded. With dad not allowing me to take the car for an overnight trip , i was left to plan for a 1 day drive.

Both my friends hadnt seen bluff so we decided to go there finally. We left bangalore at 7 in the morning and we halted in kengeri for a small cuppa where the other guy joined us. With less trafiic on mysore road and with speeds of 70-80kms we reached maddur by 9 and we took a deviation to mallavalli. Another 45 min later we reached gaganchucki falls. A small photosession was conducted there, after spending some time there we headed to bharchucki falls. Since there were less ppl there as we reached there at 11 we managed to get a good view of the falls.

With both the fallls completed by 11.30 we were wondering what to do next. I wasnt in a mood to go home so early. Since mysore was nearby we decided to go there for lunch and then decide what has to be done next. With a newly laid bannur road, we were crusing and we reached mysore at 1 in the afternoon. Lunch was a dasprakash hotel. With out tummies full and with enough time to spare, we were debating on whether to drive up to chamundi hill or spend some time in gosai ghat in srirangapatna.

The next 2 hrs as spent at srirangapatna seeing tippu’s summer palace and lazing at gosai ghat.

Leaving srirangpatna at 4 we reached kengeri at 6.30. After battling the traffic reached home by 8.30

We managed to cover 400kms in 1 day

There was no snaps taken as i wanted to this trip without my cam 🙂

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