Mullyanagiri-Bababundangiri Ridge Walk – An unfinished trek


A year ago on sept 10th 2008 ,8 unkown ppl had met at shantala silk house when yhai had announced a 2 day hike to mullayanagiri and kemmangundi. We had climbed mullayanagiri though that was my second ascent to the peak. Due to time constraints we couldnt do the ridge walk as we had to depart to kemmangundi the same day. We had decided we would do it the following year.

Team from last year

P9270006_resizeL To R(Sneha, Ram,Satish,Prahalad,Shasi,Roopa,Prashant, me taking the snap)

Present Day

One year had passed and everyone were eager to complete the ridge walk as an anniversary event.  The team for this year’s trek  -Mr & mrs Ravi , Sneha, Badri,Roopa,Prashant,Shobana,Vikas and Me.

Tickets were booked and everyone were in high spirits. With just a week to go my mom newspapers had reported north east monsoon would hit the state and with depression in TN , heavy rains were to be expected.  I had checked my weather forecast a couple of days before leaving and there was no indication of rain. The weather forecast for 5th nov when I had checked can be found below

Weather forecast as of Nov 5th

I had told my friend to check the weather before leaving, however it was too late as tickets were already booked. Another guy had confirmed that it was raining heavily in chikmagalur and chances of doing the ridge walk would be less.

9 of us met at majestic bus stand at 10.45 to board the bus to chikmagalur.  The guy who had taken the pains of booking the tickets and who was enthusiastic about coming for the trek had to drop out as work had forced him to stay back.

The bus reached chikmagalur at 6 in the morning, and we could see that it was very cloudy and it had rained previously. After a finishing our morning abulations we hired a jeep to take us to the top of mullayanagiri.

We could see thick fog everywhere and visibility was near zero.

Misty road to mullyanagiri


A small photoshoot was done and this provided us with an oppurtunity to acclimatize ourselves.

The gang enjoying a photoshoot


A lone tree covered by mist


We reached the top and headed to the temple. The person in the temple told us the coffee will be ready by the time we saw the caves which was present just below the temple.

The winds had picked up intensity and just standing was proving to be difficult. We managed to get to the cave which provided us shelter from the winds temporarily. Munched on a few snacks the others had got and clicked a few snaps.

Silhouette inside the cave


After spending some more time in the caves , we headed back to the temple to have hot cuppa and to start the trek. We were shown the route and we promptly started.

There were two paths one which goes left and other goes straight. We took the path which goes left and started walking. Care had to be taken while walking on the slippery ground as a wrong step would send us slidding down.  Helping each other we proceeded further. As we went further we saw the path again splitting into two. We were told by the temple guy to follow the main path, which we did.

After walking for a while we heard some noises and this left us confused. Badri told we had circled the mountain and we came back to the arch. To rectify the mistake we doubled back and took the path going down.

After walking for 30-40 min we again heard the same noises. Now we were were sure we had circled mullyanagiri mutt again. However we decided to continue walking and we finally reached the arch.

Circling the mutt twice took us 2 hours.  A localite showed us the correct route once we reached the top again :). As we neared the V shaped stone , we found the winds to be increasingly high. With near zero visibility conditions ,myself and ravi continued further, moving slowly.

The others especially the girls were not willing to risk going further and thus we had to go back to the mutt.

With a heavy heart we finally had to abandon the plan of doing the ridge walk as the weather would not allow us to move any further

With enough time left with us and having nothing to do we walked along the jeep track to sitalayanagiri mutt from where the jeep picked us. We headed back to chikmagalur town.

View Near Sitalaynagiri Mutt


The weather had cleared just a little to take a few snaps of the lush green mountain ranges

After lunch , the rest of the day was spent sleeping , playing cards  and cracking jokes before heading back to bangalore

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