Hogenakal Falls – Niagara of India

Hogenakkal falls also called Niagara of India was the destination for this weekend’s outing. This was a place which I wanted to visit, but couldnt due to lack of company or my parents unwillingness to send me there.

After discussing a few options,me and my friend headed out to hogenakkal in my car as I wanted to go this place no matter the cost. After picking up my friend from basavanagudi at 6.45,  we zipped past the empty bylanes to reach BTM layout where we had encountered a little traffic. Soon we reached hosur road which was amazing empty since it was only 7.15 in the morning. I was enjoying the drive as there was no traffic.  We reached attibele and the road widened up as this stretch was relatively empty except for a few trucks which were blocking our path 🙂 , I had to drive carefully as people run across the road and I didnt want to hit anyone 🙂

With a pedal to metal kind of driving we reached A2B restaurant around 8. A quick stop of breakfast and we were off.  My friend took over the driving and we proceeded further. Since we had the whole day i told my friend to reduce the speed and we were cruising at speeds of 80-90 kms/hr.

Crossing krishnagiri we reached dharampuri. After negotiating the traffic we entered the state highway , which was maintained neatly. We were proceeding at a constant pace when we the signboards welcoming us to hogenakal. The winding provided some good scenery, which my lens duly captured

Winding Roads to Hogenakal


As we moved further , we reached the ghats. The road going down to the falls provided with some excellent views. A small photo-session was conducted there to capture the amazing scenery

scenery near hognekkal falls


We reached hogenkkal falls and since this was my first visit to this place, I wasnt quite sure what to expect. I had read in numerous blogs that the moment u reach the parking lot people swarm the car/bike and ask if we want to see the falls or get a massage. The blogs do not lie 🙂 n this was the case here.

We initially thought the falls would be located close by which can be seen from afar, which is not the case. Coracle or commonly called theppa in local language is the only way to reach the falls

Coracle /theppa is a round bamboo boat which is lined with animal hide/canvas and tar at the bottom used in South India mostly

The price for a full 2 hour ride is 600 Rs, which as per the coracle ppl is fixed by the govt. However the price can be bought down after some hard negotiating.

People come from Karnataka / TN and also from kerala to see the falls all through out the year.

Me and my friend decided to take the full 2 hour ride as we had come all the way to see the falls. The coracle guy said we can pay after seeing the falls and if we are convinced. We started the downhill ride for the first series of falls.

TN Falls


Falls from another angle


After spending some time taking photos we proceeded further. The rocky view provided a good spot for taking some nice photos. With the water and the rocks the place looked like a mini grand canyon

Mini GC ????


The ride continues until we have to break and walk a further 1 km to reach the main falls.

The main falls is present in the Karnataka side and per the locals the entire was once abode of veerappan. The falls is part of MM Hills forest range. After spending some time there we headed back.

Hogenkkal  Main Falls


After paying the guy 500 for 2 hrs we left hogenkkal at 1.30 in the afternoon. While coming we took an alternate route (Hogenakkal->Rayakottai->Palakkodu->Hosur->Bangalore)  which helped us avoid the highway.

The roads were very good and the drive was pleasurable. We reached Bangalore at 5 and I reached home by 6.30

Some facts about hognekkal

Hogenakkal is a series of 20 odd water falls present at the Karnataka-TN border. Since it is present at the border the falls are called TN falls and Karnataka Falls

Distance from Bangalore – 180 Kms

Mode of transport to see the falls – Only way to see the falls is by using the coracle

Fare – 30 at the entrance , 20 for coracle. 500-600 for 2 hrs coracle ride(price can be bargained)

Best time to visit the falls – Though the falls can be visited all year-round , best time to visit is post monsoon when the falls will be full

Note: There is no hotels in hogenkkal apart from hotel tamilnadu. The only hotel enroute is A2B

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