Le Tour De Kuala Lampur Part 3

This would be our final week in KL and there were a couple of places which were still pending to be visited. Me and my friend decided to visit them on the weekend

Our first destination was putrajaya the administrative captial. Though we would pass through putrajaya everyday we couldnt get a chance to visit the monuments. We intended on covering them on sat evening.

After booking a taxi for an hour which costs 40 RM. We started our tour of putrajaya. It was drizzling intermitently, however that didnt stop us from going. Our first destination was the convention center. According to the taxi driver any major program that happens in putrajaya takes places in the convention center. The building is well designed. From the top we get a panaromic view of putrajaya. Taking a few snaps of the countryside and the convention center we moved forward.

Putrajaya Convention Center

Very close to the convention center is a famous bridge. We stopped there for a short time, while me and my friend went for a stroll.  A small photoshoot there and we were off to the next destination. The taxi driver told us we would be going to the silver mosque which was built newly.

Silver Mosque

While going to the mosque, the driver showed us a bridge that as based on the sydney bridge in australia. While going to the mosque we saw a few administrative buildings.

Sydney Bridge Replica

The dome present on one building impressed me and i asked the taxi guy to wait for a few min while i went to take a few snaps.

Supreme court in putrajaya

Once that was complete, we headed to the the administrative building and the main attraction the putra mosque. Having spent some time there taking snaps we headed back to putrajaya sentral and back home

Administrative building

Putra Mosque

Sunday we headed to port dickson which has a few beaches. The reviews on the net indicated that the place was live and happening. After taking the train to seremban we boarded a taxi to PD. The journey takes an hour and soon we were on the shores on saujana beach.  We reality what entirely different from what was given on the net. There was hardly any crowd on the beach and the activities werent that interesting either.

Saujana Beach

We settled down on the beach expecting people to start coming once the sun goes down. However even after an hour there was no action. We were really disappointed.  After enquiring about the location of the next beach, we were told it is about 5 kms and we would need a taxi to go there.


The buses and taxis ply once an hour and we knew we wouldnt be able to get back if we didnt find a taxi.  Since transport facilities werent that friendly, we decided to skip the other beach and head back. After waiting for another hour we found a taxi who took us to the seremban station. After boarding the train we returned to KL and back home

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Snaps of the entire malaysia trip can be found here


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