Meruthi Parvatha

Meruthi Parvatha a non descript peak nestled in merthi khan estate was the location for this week’s trek.  Srikanth had told me about the trek when I was preparing for thadiyandmol and I agreed to join. Kiran joined too and the total count was 9 ppl.

Tickets were booked and all the 9 of us gathered in majestic at 10 to start the journey to hornadu. The team for the trek (Srikanth, Myself, Subbu Krishna, Aishwarya, Arun, Rekha, Kiran, Vasudendhra and  sagar)

Our conversations began after settling in the bus. Talking about various treks we spent our time. The long journey took us near to hornadu, we got down in between and immediately boarded the bus to basrikatte which is the starting point of the trek.

The sun was peeking out of the clouds, and the mountain at the distance looked majestic. Upon inquiring about the possibility of rain, the locals told us that the rainy season hadn’t started yet.

Distant Mountain

Having a sumptuous breakfast at shivalli hotel, and parceling lunch, we started the trek.

Start of the trek

We walked a back on the road, and took a deviation to enter the merthi khan tea estates which is owned by TATA. The initial part of the trek is through the tea estates.

Merthi Khan tea estates

Obtaining permission was a breeze as we told the watchman that we had come here before and we would be getting down on the other the hill and go to hornadu. With the permission settled, we began the long walk through the estate.

With scenary becoming better, we continued, with srikanth leading the way. After walking for a short while, we had to stop as there was no clear path. There was a small path going upwords, and we decided to take it, provided it wasnt closed.

Srikanth, went a short way up, and asked the others to follow as the path was clear. It took us another half hour to climb to the top from where we could get a good view of the tea estates and the neighboring hills

Tea estates and hills

The path from hereon was straightforward. Myself and kiran started the ascent, with other following. The higher we climbed the views got better. It had rained a few days back and the slopes of the mountains were covered in green. After climbing for some time we took a short break and took a few snaps of the nearby hills

Trekkers paradise

To reach meruthi parvatha we needed to climb three hillocks all of which are in sequence. Kiran and I continued to push, taking small breaks in between.  Subbu and aishwarya were behind us followed by the others.

At 11.30 kiran and I reached the top of meruthi parvatha.  There is a small ganesha statue at the top of the peak.

Ganesha Statue on top of the peak

Since others were quite far behind, we settled down for a nap

Nap time atop the peak

Subbu, Aishwarya and vasudendra joined us atop the peak after some time. It took another hour for arun and others to reach the peak. Everyone looked very tired, and soon the lunch packets were opened, we emptied it in no time.

Lunch was followed by another round of rest, before we headed back to hornadu. Descent was quick, and we reached the clearing where the path to meruthi parvatha begins in no time. Here the path diverges and we had to take a path goin down. With a short break, we took the path going down and we reached a hospital which was located below.

Srikanth and arun were still coming, and subbu and myself went to ask the route, to hornadu. The person at the hospital guided us short distance and asked us to take the road goin down which we did. We passed a couple of small villages and we reached a field.

Jeep Track

Another couple of min, and we reached a small waterfall, where we decided to have a bath.


Spending almost an hour at the falls, we headed to annapoorneshwari temple, where we spent the rest of the evening. Dinner was served in the temple and we boarded the 9.15 bus back to bangalore

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  1. Manjunath says:

    hi subbu, can u mail me ur email address, i need to ask you a few info

  2. Balakrishna nayak says:

    my uncles house near by merthi parvatha

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    can u mail me ur email id.

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