St Thomas Basilica

St Thomas Basilica is one of the three churches built of an apostle of Jesus. The other two being St Peter’s Basilica in Rome and Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela built over the tomb of St.James in Spain.

This ancient church was the place of my visit along with santhome beach

The shrine of st thomas is built on the tomb of st thomas who came to chennai in 52AD. The church is rebuilt over the years and now there are two buildings

One is the church itself and other is the museum, which contains various artifacts and books written in latin and portugese.

A few snaps of St Thomas Basilica

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Elliot’s Beach

The vibrant city of chennai would be my home for the next month, as I was sent here on some official work. After checking in to my hotel and relaxing for a while, I headed to elliot’s beach which was closest to my hotel.

A short bus ride took me to the beach in 1o min. Asking for directions I went for a stroll on the beach. As it was a sunday, the beach was ultra crowded. There were numerous stalls, selling various items ranging from ice creams to fast food.

Opp to the beach, there are plenty are plenty of hangouts such as barista, java green etc where one can spend time chatting with friends and relaxing. After spending an hour roaming the beach and clicking photos, I returned back to the hotel

A few snaps of elliot’s beach

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