Kaidala and Maralu Basaweshwara Temple

After my trip to chennai, I was itching to hit the road again, as my trip to chennai was confined only to the hotel room and a few trips to marina beach and elliot’s beach, along with a visit to St Thomas Basilica. The weather in chennai made it difficult to go out.

My friend had told me about an old temple which was covered by TV9 , and it could be covered in one day. Since it was in gubbi , we also decided to cover kaidala.

We began our journey in search of the temple after picking my friends and headed towards the crowded tumkur road. An hour of driving took us to kamat upachar on the outskirts of tumkur. After a sumptuous breakfast, the actual search for the temple began. We first inquired at the petrol bunk, however we werent able to get a correct location. We were asked to go to gubbi road and inquire there.

Proceeding further we took the gubbi road as directed, and after driving for a short distance we again asked for directions, this time  we could get a more concrete answer. We were asked to go straight without turning anywhere, the road would lead us to a circle, after taking left we were asked to inquire there. While going towards the circle, we found the deviation to kaidala, however we decided to see this while coming back.

Upon reaching the circle, we stopped to inquire about the temple again. Now we were told to proceed straight for another 10kms, then take a left turn and inquire there. With not much options left we continued. It was almost 3-31/2 hours since we started our journey and there was still no sign of the temple. We stopped near a lake for a break and to take some snaps


Continuing on, for a few more kms, we found some paddy fields. This called for another stop and another photoshoot

Green Paddy Fields

After a couple of kms with the road leading to nowhere we stopped to check for directions again. We were in for a shock when we heard we had come 12kms ahead. We were asked to go back 10kms and take a left to chelur and proceed for another 25kms. The temple is located within chelur town limits.

Since there was no other option, turning the car around, we headed back and after 10kms we approached the marker which showed chelur to be 25kms.Turning left, we continued along the road, only to find that there is no road in most of the places. With huge craters everywhere, driving was becoming problematic. With reduced speeds, we kept moving and after an hour of doing some off roading 🙂 we managed to reach chelur limits. The temple is present at a short distance after taking an immediate left near the circle.

The clock was showing 1pm when we reached the temple. I was expecting a temple like those present in belur or halebid. However the temple is quite small and devoid of any sculptures.

Maralu Basaweshwara Temple

As it was afternoon the temple was closed. There is a pool next to the temple and a cave well a few feet away from the temple. There is a saying that if the water in the temple dries out completely, mankind would cease to exist. (Dont know how far this is true, but looking at the water level, one can assume it coincides with the mayan prophecy of the end of days in 2012 🙂 🙂 )

Lake near temple

Steps leading to the base of the cave well

As the temple was closed we had nothing much to do. Taking a few snaps of the temple complex, we headed back to kaidala. Return was through the same road and after an hour of arduous driving, we hit the highway, and after a short while we reached kaidala

The temple lacks the grandeur like those present in belur/somanthpur. However the main attraction is the chennakeshva statue present in the temple.

After a short darshan, we headed back to bangalore, thus concluding an interesting trip

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Snaps can be found here


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