Roadtrip Day 2: The Hoysala Trail

For the second day of my trip, i was planning to cover the hoysala temples around hassan. Normally when people visit hassan, they tend to visit only belur and halebid. However there are plenty of other temples built by the hoysalas around hassan, which people dont tend to visit.

I came across a few of these temples while browsing and decided to cover these and then head to sringeri.

As instructed by the hotel guy, I took the road to ariskere. The initial part of the road is full of pot holes and the progress was slow. Inquirying for directions for haranhally I moved ahead.

Driving for another hour i reached haranhally and I could see someshwara and chennakeshava temples in the main road.

Temples of Haranhally

The temples are in a state of neglect and this is quite evident. As I had reached the place early the temples were not yet opened, so no one could tell me about the temple.  I spent sometime taking photos, before going to ariskere.

The chandramoulishwara temple in ariskere is a mix of chalukya and hoysala architecture. The guide present at the temple told me, that its the only temple in karnataka which has a locking mechanism for the pillars. The temple was built over 600 yrs ago by a queen who was ruling the land at that time.

Chandramoulishwara Temple

The dome inside the temple is a fine piece of architecture brilliancy. Due to the interlocking mechanism most of the weight of the dome is supported on top. There are elephants carved around the base of the dome. As per the guide the dome was also called ‘Nirytagruha’ or the ‘Dance Place’ where dance programs were being conducted.

Dome inside the temple

The guide also told me to visit another temple in arikere before going to javagal to see Lakshmi Narashimaswamy temple.

After thanking the guide i headed to javagal which is 30kms from arsikere. There are sign boards mentioning the distance to belur, halebid. One needs to take a left and proceed further another 3 kms. There is a huge poster of the temple as one reaches arikere. Ask the locals for the directions for the temple

Temple in Arikere

The temple being closed, I reached javagal. Here also there is a large poster showing the directions to the temple. The temple is located inside the town

Lakshminarasimhaswamy Temple

The temple is actively used for worship by the people. Having seen the temple, I then went to belavadi, which is approx 20-25kms from javagal. There is veera narayana temple present here, which is again built by the hoysalas. There were a few tourists present in the temple already by the time I reached there

Veera Narayana Temple -Belavadi

The time was already half past 1 and I still had to see halebid and lakshmi devi temple in doddagadavalli. I left for halebid, soon after seeing the temple.

With halebid being quite a popular tourist spot, there were a large no of tourists present.


I spent sometime in halebid and then went to belur. I inquired about doddagadavalli, and one of the auto drivers told me, to take the hassan highway. There is a board marked doddagadavalli. Taking right there would lead me to the temple. With time running out, I decided to skip that and decided to go to sringeri directly.

I began the ride to sringeri via mudigere-aldur-balehonur. The road to mudigere was in pathetic condition, with huge potholes present. I had a hard time driving on these roads, as there were more potholes than the road. Finally I reached mudigere and asked for directions to aldur. The road was initally good, and it later deteriorated. Progress was very slow and I reached Aldur around 4.  I stopped at a hotel at the junction and for a break and asked about the road condition. I was told that the road is very good for driving.

I began the descent from aldur to balenohur and I had an amazing time going down the ghat. Stopping occasionally to enjoy the scenary around me and to take photos, I reached balenohur

Scenary enroute to sringeri

I soon reached a bridge and the river flowing underneath the bridge had a very serene feeling to it

Scene @ bridge

It was getting dark and I was still 30kms from sringeri. A pedal to the medal kind of driving , and I reached sringeri and checked into a lodge. An early dinner and I hit the sack to give my tired body some rest

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Snaps can be found here


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