Roadtrip Day 6: Historical Mysore

Today would be a rest day for my bike and my cam. Instead of riding around, I decided to see the famous places in mysore. Left for mysore palace in the morning as it was the closest. A short walk took me to the entrance to the palace. With heavy security around the palace, no one was allowed inside. Seeing the palace from the outside, I went to the bus stand and took a bus to bannur and an auto to somanthpur.

The keshava temple in somanthpur is again built by the hoysalas and is considered to be an architectural marvel. As it was a weekday there were hardly any tourists and I could roam around the temple

Keshava Temple

I then visited talkad which is also very close to somanthpur. Legend has it that a woman, pursued by the Mysore Maharaja’s army, cursed that the bustling town of Talkad would be covered by sand and destroyed and that the royal family of Mysore would go abegging for heirs.

The place has interesting mix of temples belonging to different periods


It was 1 in the afternoon by the time i finished seeing talkad. Came back to mysore and took some rest as I was planning to visit Brindavan gardens in the evening.

Another bus ride took me to KRS. Paying the entry fee i went to have a look at the gardens. Entry to the dam is prohibited.


There was a slight drizzle by the time I left KRS. Reached mysore and called it a day

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