Thadiyandmol and Nishani Motte – The Season Ending trek

Brijesh of Ruff Terrain Adventures had asked me to join for a trek to thadiyandmol and Nishani Motte before I left for himalaya. I had told him that I had climbed Thadiyandmol already and would be interested in joining for Nishani Motte, however he asked me to join as the group would be different.

I proposed the plan to kiran who promptly joined. Tickets were booked for coorg on fri night.

We reached coorg at 6 and called brijesh who sent a vehicle to pick us up. After finishing our morning abulations in the basecamp we got ready to climb thadiyandmol.

Day -1

The trek started after a round of introductions. In order to save time, the vehicle in which we were travelling, was driven till nalknad palace. From here the peak is 6 kms.

The Ruff terrain Gang

As kiran and I had already been to the peak, we began the climb with a few others following us. A guide YHAI Coorg unit as accompanying us in case some one got lost.

The intial part of the climb was through a tarred road and as we gained altitude the scenary also improved.

Way to the Peak

We soon reached the only source of water and took a short break. The rest of the gang was a long way behind. We however decided to continue the climb as the path was straightforward. Stopping to take few snaps we continued our climb

Scenary near thadiyandmol

An hour of climbing and we were at the top. As we were the first persons to the peak, I choose a comfortable place to have a nap while waiting for the rest of them to arrive. The rest of the guys arrived after an hour. Lunch packets were opened and after lunch the descent began.

We were at a small waterfall which we crossed in a couple of hours. A short break to wash our faces and to drink water we reached nalkanad palace pretty quickly.

The rest of the guys arrived late as usual and those interested in having bath went to a nearby creek near the palace while the rest of them went to see nalknad palace. It was time to leave nalkanad palace as it was already 6 !!.  The return journey was spent antakshari. Dinner was served in basecamp and it was time to hit the sack after a round of campfire.

Day 2

The trek to nishani motte was scheduled for today. As the route was new to everyone we were asked to follow the guide. We were transported to galeebedu from where the trek begins. The guide led the way and we followed

The initial part of the trek was through cofee estates.

Coffee Estates

As there were numerous deviations in the path, those who were ahead were asked to wait at the intersections till the guide arrived. After crossing the coffee estates we came to a clearing from where we could see the majestic WG. The scenary was simply amazing and once everyone reached there, a short break was taken before we proceeded

Western Ghats

The guide asked us to follow him as only he knew the path. We continued to walk along the ridge which provided some great scenary

Ridge Walk!!

We could see the peak in front of us after crossing the ridge. With greenery all around the peak looked very inviting. The wind was blowing heavily when we reached the peak.

View from the peak

Spending some time at the peak we began the descent. As usual the guide was leading the way. After briefly loosing our way we were back on the right track. An hour or two of descending, we reached the road. The rest of the guys followed.

Time was already running out as a few ppl had come to AP and they had to reach bangalore to catch a 10.30 train. The vehicle was called to where we were and soon we were heading to the basecamp.

Those who had to get back to Bangalore boarded the vehicle, while me and kiran decided to get down at madikeri, as our return tickets were booked already

A visit to Abbi Falls and we were roaming around in coorg till dinner time and we boarded the bus to bangalore, thus concluding the final trek of 2010

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Snaps can be found here

Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 5

Today would be the final day of the trek and everyone knew it would be hard to say goodbye to our wonderful team with whom we had been together for the past week.

The wakeup call at 6 as usual. The descent to rimbick started after a headcount. The guides had gone ahead and we were following them. We crossed a waterfall enroute to srikhola were we took a few snaps before moving on

Unkown Waterfall

An hour more of descending and we reached a hanging bridge which we were told was old and unstable. Only two people could cross it at a time.

Rickety Old Bridge

Soon we reached sirikhola and took some rest before heading to the river to spend some time. The rest of the group arrived and a few of them headed down to the river to play and to spend some time while the others took rest at the hotel

Sirikohla River

We were on our way to rimbick afer finishing our lunch. The trail from sirikhola was pretty much flat with few ascents.

Note: Those interested in visiting sandkaphu or other nearby places such as darjeeling or sikkim please contact

Shovraj Trek, Tours and Travels

Sirikola(SEPI) P.O Rimbick, Darjeeling 734201

Ph: (091)9933488243/9932216197/9563406243

Kolkatta Office: +91-9830467506/033-25762585

We reached rimbick in a couple of hours and as today being the last day of the trek, a valedictory ceremony and a ‘Barakana’ was arranged.

Certificates and medals were given out to all the participants and a few of them shared their thoughts on the trek

Certificates and Medals

Jeeps were organized to drop us back to darjeeling, the next day. A 4 hr ride took us back to the basecamp.

When we reached there we came to know there would be a bundh in darjeeling the next day and we were asked to leave the place after having lunch. Final goodbyes were said and everyone departed to their own destinations thus bringing to an end a memorable trek with an amazing group.

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Snaps can be found here

Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 4

After getting up early in the morning to watch the sunrise, we headed back to our rooms to pack up our stuff and begin the descent to gurdum. Sandakphu was the last of the steep ascents that we had encountered. The rest of the the trail was a direct descent to rimbick.

Breakfast was served and after a group photo we did adeiu to sandakphu and to kanchanjunga and other peaks and began our descent to gurdum


We were walking in reserve forest and the scenary along with the route was different compared to the last few days

The road less travelled

The descent continued for a few more hours and soon we could see gurdum a few miles below. The terrain also changed and the loose stones towards the end of the trail made walking difficult. The valley provided us with a beautiful backdrop and after a few snaps we continued on our way.

We were welcomed as usual by the camp leader after reaching gurdum base camp. Checking into our rooms we took a much needed rest before we were called for lunch

Shots near gurdum

While the others spent the afternoon chit-chatting, Me shashi, sajjan and few others went to a view point just below the camp. The view was amazing and we spent an hour there before heading back to the camp

View from View Point

Evening was spent playing games till dinner was served. Soon it was time to hit the bed as the next day was the final day of the trek

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Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 3

Today was the third day of the trek and the climb to sandakphu which was just 6 kms was awaiting us. The climb was again steep, however we were assured that we could get to see kanchanjunga, everest and other himalayan gaints when we get to the top.

Kaliphokri in the morning

The climb to sandakphu began after breakfast. The path was relatively steep and the climb was slow. We laboured our way till we reached a tea shop where we gave our tired feet some rest.

Chai Shop

There was a stupa nearby and some of them went to have a look at it


The scenary was amazing and we were lost in the scenic beauty. Soon it was time to move ahead. The steepness increase so did the panting. We climbed for a few more hours. Mist had began to engulf us again as we reached the top, and this caused an anxiety as to whether we could get to see kanchanjunga and other peaks which was promised.

All the struggles we went through were finally rewarded in the end as we could see the majestic kanchanjunga in front of us as we reached the summit


All the pain we felt while climbing had gone in a second after seeing the wonderful sight.  A few of our group members joined us and we had a small photoshoot before we went to the camp.

Lunch was served and after  a short break we went to roam around. We were told there was a YAK farm a km and half from the camp and we decided to go there. As we reached nepal border, we were too busy posing for photos and we totally forgot about the YAK FARM !!!

Fun Filled Moments

Spending couple of hours at the border we returned back to the camp. The sun had began to set the place was covered in a sea of clouds. The view was simply amazing as the sun set

Clouds & Sunset

Evening was spent chatting and after dinner we hit the sack. We were promised a good sunrise if we woke up early.

The next day a few of us woke early around 5 to catch the sunrise. The weather was quite chilly and a strong wind was blowing which made the weather even more chilly. We managed to brave the weather and waited for the sun to rise. It was already 6 and the the clouds made the sunrise a little tricky.

First shots of sunrise in sandakphu

Soon the sun began to come up and the first rays of light illuminated the kanchanjunga.


The sun came up in a few minutes and we went back to our respective rooms, to pack up our stuff and to began our descent to gurdum

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Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 2

With the dawning of a new day, I woke up early to catch the sunrise and everyone was hoping for clear skies. A few of them who had gone out, told us that one could get to see kanchanjunga and other snow capped peaks.

Me and shashi went to a nearby hillock to cover the sunrise.

Sunrise @ tumling

Taking snaps we spent some time before returning back to the camp before freshning up. Soon we were called for breakfast and as usual a headcount was taken, before we bid goodbye to tumling and continued our trek to kaliphokri.

An amazing view of kanchanjunga and other peaks awaited us as we moved from the camp. Everyone were busy taking snaps and enjoying the views before we moved forward

Ice clad mountains

The initial part of the trail was a descent which was relatively easy. We soon reached a checkpost and we had to take a deviation. Bidding goodbye to the icy mountains we began the descent. The scenary improved as we descended

Himalayan Scenary

After a couple of hours of descending we reached another checkpost where we were asked to assemble. A long break and another headcount later the steep ascent started. The gradient was steep and the pace was slow. A few more hours of climbing and we reached the lunch point.

Packed lunched was consumed and we started the final ascent to kalipokhri. Two paths were diverging and we were asked to take the path to the right. The loose stones on the path made walking difficult. Mist began to engulf again and we continued the ascent. We met a few army people and we had a small chat with them before moving forward

Finally at 2pm we reached kaliphokri. The area was still covered in mist. As usual hot soup awaited us.  Once everyone reached the basecamp we were allotted our rooms. It was time for sunset and I went down to the lake which was covered in mist

Lake at Kaliphokri

The sun was setting and me and shashi went to cover it.

Sunset @ kaliphokri

Evening was spent playing dumbsharats. Lunch was served and we hit the bed. The climb to sandakphu was waiting for us the next day

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Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 1

The day started with everyone being woken up at 6. As bathing was forbidden for the next 1 week, we just had to brush our teeth, and get our bags to the hallway. Breakfast was served and after that we were asked to assemble outside.

Jeeps had already arrived to pick us up and the trek  started after singing the national anthem and raising the national flag.


We began our journey to dhotrey which was the starting point of the trek. After collecting our packed lunch in manebhanjan we continued our journey to dhotrey. At Manebhanjan those having  cameras had to pay a fee of Rs 100 and this ticket would be valid till rimbick which was the last point of the trek.

Singalila National Park

Having reached dhotrey at 10.30 we were asked to assemble again and after a headcount the trek started

Dhotrey Village

The weather was quite cold and misty when we started the trek. The initial part of the trek was through villages.

The weight of the backpack was beginning to take its toll and I used to stop every now and then before moving further. After a little while I got used tot he weight and the climb became more easier.

The road to tonglu

The mist was however blocking the beautiful scenary. With breaks in between the climb continued  till we reached Tonglu where we were supposed to have packed lunch. There was a house there where we could rest.

House at Nepal Border

Nepal was just a few feet from there and we all went there for a photoshoot. Having spent some time at the border we headed back, where the headcount was taken again. The final leg of the trek was a downhill walk to tumling which was the final point for the day

Nepal and rocky path to tumling

Soup was served to everyone and we were shown our respective rooms. Evening was spent playing antakshari. Dinner was soon served and later me shashi and a few others for a moonlight stroll as the full moon was just too inviting. We went to a nearby stupa and spent some time there taking snaps.

A short while later we were back at the camp and hit the bed, as the climb to kalipohri awaited us tomorrow

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Sandakphu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 0

Sandakphu, is the world famous trekking paradise, from where you can enjoy the clear views of Himalayan Giants Like Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lothse, Nuptse, Makalu, Janu, Pandim, Chomolhori and many more upto Nepal & Sikkim.

The trek was organized by YHAI West Bengal and myself and shashi had registered for the trek.

We reached darjeeling around 5 in the evening, and began to walk towards yhai base camp by asking directions. This was to be our acclimatization walk as the trek would start the next day.

Reaching the base camp at 6 in the evening we submitted the admit cards and we were given a room to put our luggage. A self introduction and orientation programme followed thereafter where we got to know our batch mates and we were briefed on what can be done and not done during the trek. Lunch was followed soon after and we hit the sack eagerly waiting for the next day to dawn and for the trek to start

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