Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 2

With the dawning of a new day, I woke up early to catch the sunrise and everyone was hoping for clear skies. A few of them who had gone out, told us that one could get to see kanchanjunga and other snow capped peaks.

Me and shashi went to a nearby hillock to cover the sunrise.

Sunrise @ tumling

Taking snaps we spent some time before returning back to the camp before freshning up. Soon we were called for breakfast and as usual a headcount was taken, before we bid goodbye to tumling and continued our trek to kaliphokri.

An amazing view of kanchanjunga and other peaks awaited us as we moved from the camp. Everyone were busy taking snaps and enjoying the views before we moved forward

Ice clad mountains

The initial part of the trail was a descent which was relatively easy. We soon reached a checkpost and we had to take a deviation. Bidding goodbye to the icy mountains we began the descent. The scenary improved as we descended

Himalayan Scenary

After a couple of hours of descending we reached another checkpost where we were asked to assemble. A long break and another headcount later the steep ascent started. The gradient was steep and the pace was slow. A few more hours of climbing and we reached the lunch point.

Packed lunched was consumed and we started the final ascent to kalipokhri. Two paths were diverging and we were asked to take the path to the right. The loose stones on the path made walking difficult. Mist began to engulf again and we continued the ascent. We met a few army people and we had a small chat with them before moving forward

Finally at 2pm we reached kaliphokri. The area was still covered in mist. As usual hot soup awaited us.  Once everyone reached the basecamp we were allotted our rooms. It was time for sunset and I went down to the lake which was covered in mist

Lake at Kaliphokri

The sun was setting and me and shashi went to cover it.

Sunset @ kaliphokri

Evening was spent playing dumbsharats. Lunch was served and we hit the bed. The climb to sandakphu was waiting for us the next day

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