Sandakpu – A trek to the gates of shangri-la – Day 3

Today was the third day of the trek and the climb to sandakphu which was just 6 kms was awaiting us. The climb was again steep, however we were assured that we could get to see kanchanjunga, everest and other himalayan gaints when we get to the top.

Kaliphokri in the morning

The climb to sandakphu began after breakfast. The path was relatively steep and the climb was slow. We laboured our way till we reached a tea shop where we gave our tired feet some rest.

Chai Shop

There was a stupa nearby and some of them went to have a look at it


The scenary was amazing and we were lost in the scenic beauty. Soon it was time to move ahead. The steepness increase so did the panting. We climbed for a few more hours. Mist had began to engulf us again as we reached the top, and this caused an anxiety as to whether we could get to see kanchanjunga and other peaks which was promised.

All the struggles we went through were finally rewarded in the end as we could see the majestic kanchanjunga in front of us as we reached the summit


All the pain we felt while climbing had gone in a second after seeing the wonderful sight.  A few of our group members joined us and we had a small photoshoot before we went to the camp.

Lunch was served and after  a short break we went to roam around. We were told there was a YAK farm a km and half from the camp and we decided to go there. As we reached nepal border, we were too busy posing for photos and we totally forgot about the YAK FARM !!!

Fun Filled Moments

Spending couple of hours at the border we returned back to the camp. The sun had began to set the place was covered in a sea of clouds. The view was simply amazing as the sun set

Clouds & Sunset

Evening was spent chatting and after dinner we hit the sack. We were promised a good sunrise if we woke up early.

The next day a few of us woke early around 5 to catch the sunrise. The weather was quite chilly and a strong wind was blowing which made the weather even more chilly. We managed to brave the weather and waited for the sun to rise. It was already 6 and the the clouds made the sunrise a little tricky.

First shots of sunrise in sandakphu

Soon the sun began to come up and the first rays of light illuminated the kanchanjunga.


The sun came up in a few minutes and we went back to our respective rooms, to pack up our stuff and to began our descent to gurdum

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