Panchpalli Reservoir

While going through bangalore mirror I came across an article regarding a reservoir which was 100 kms from bangalore. The place looked serene and was also ideal for a one day drive

With republic day approaching,  I decided to go the reservoir, and as usual srikanth and kiran joined in.

Panchpalli Reservior is 100kms from bangalore and it lies just outside of Denkanikottai. To reach the reservior

Bangalore->Hosur->Denakanikottai->Panchapalli Arch->Reservior

We left bangalore at 9 and reached hosur by 11. The roads are good till the reservoir and we had a good drive.

Panchpalli Reservoir

We spent some time there clicking snaps and enjoying the views before heading back. There are no hotels in the area and we had to come to hosur to have our lunch, before heading back to bangalore

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Snaps can be found here


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