It had been a long time since i had gone for a drive, and this made me to search for places which could be covered in one day .  Came across anchetti which is a small village nestled within the mountains. Further research showed me this place is ideal for biking. One can also go to hognekal falls through this route


Instead of going to hognekal I decided to take a deviation at anchetti and proceed to kanakapura and then back to Bangalore thus completing the following loop


With the place decided, I decided to head out on sunday. As usual took the hosur road which was light on traffic and soon reached hosur soon. A short stop at a tea shop and I was on the way to denkankottai. With traffic being thin, the drive was enjoyable. Stopping for a few photos I continued my journey

The road to anchetti

Reaching denkankottai bus stand, I asked for directions to anchetti and I was asked to keep going straight.

Scenes around denkankottai

There was a village fair going on and the village enroute to anchetti had a festive look. People from nearby places were heading to the fair.

Crossing the forest checkpost, the roads became narrower and twsity.It was fun riding on those twisty curvy roads

Twisty Curvy forest roads

The ride continued for some more time and after a short while I reached the other end of the forest and soon I was in anchetti. There is a board indicating the directions to hognekal and to urigam.

Scenary enroute to anchetti

One needs to take right at the signboards and drive another 60 odd kms to reach kanakapura. The narrow roads continue till kanakapura and so does the fun of driving. A short stop for lunch in one of the highway dhabas and it was again a non stop ride till I reached JP Nagar. Another stop for a cuppa and reached home thus concluding another eventful ride

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Snaps can be foundhere


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