Kabbaladurga and Pyramid Valley

Our initial plan of going to narasimha parvatha and kundadri betta had to be shelved due to naxalite combing operations near kigga . We then decided to go to sakleshpur for a trek to moorukannu gudda, however unavailability of tickets meant the plan had to be shelved. Finally we settled on kabbaladurga a small hillock 80kms from bangalore
We headed out to kabbaladurga on sat after picking up kiran from corporation. A stop for breakfast and we were cruising along the kanakapura road with short breaks in between. Reaching kanakapura we headed further to sathnur which was another 16kms from kanakapura. One needs to take right at sathnur and proceed another 6kms to the village kabbalu where the hillock is situated

The route

Parking the bike near the poulty form we began the climb The sun was beating down mercilessly when we began to climb

First Look at Kabbaladurga

With no winds blowing the climb was tiring in the humid temperature. There are steps carved in the rock which one can use to climb, however at some places one has to be on all fours to climb as the climb becomes a little steep in a few places.

With short breaks and taking photos we continued the climb

Views around kabbaladuurga

There is a temple on top of the hill which is visited by the villagers. The sad part is the amount of quarrying being done which seems to be having an adverse effect on the surroundings.

We met a couple of families who were coming down after visiting the temple. A short conversation and we were on our way. The humidity was making the climb difficult and after huffing n puffing for an hour and half we finally reached the summit.

Temple atop kabbaladurga

A short rest in the temple to re-energize ourselves and we were heading back to the base. Luckily the wind was blowing which made the descent easier. Another hour of climbing down n we were at the base of the hillock

When coming back to bangalore we took a short deviation to visit the pyramid valley which is one of the new seven wonders of bangalore

Pyramid @ Pyramid Valley

The pyramid valley is one of the largest meditational pyramids which is being built. Those interested in meditation and spirituality can pay a visit to the pyramid and learn about the various forms of meditation. A short discussion with one of the meditation experts we came to know that the 4 sides of the pyramid converges at 52 degree angle which as per him contains the positive energy which is released during meditation. Meditating for half an hour a day would do ur body and mind a world of good is what the person had told us

A few shots of the pyramid

Meditating for about 15 min, we left the place after having our lunch in the cafeteria thus concluding another well spent day

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Snaps can be found here


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