The summer months can be a hard time for trekking as the humidity and scarcity of water prevents us from going out anywhere. After a prolonged break from my trek to kabbaladurga , I decided to head out for another trek, when shashi asked me about my plans for the weekend. I decided to head out to kotebetta in coorg, this time with shashi and his friend for company.

With the usual bookings done, we headed out to madikeri on fri night and after a comfortable sleep we reached madikeri at 6 in the morning. The next bus to somwarpet would leave shortly and after finishing our morning ablutions, we waited for the bus to arrive, which was unfortunately late. As the private bus stand was very close to the main stand, we headed there and caught the bus to hatti hole which is the starting point of the trek. A short stop for breakfast and we started the trek.

River Hatti

We passed by the river hatti and after a couple of kms we found a hanging bridge built which is used by the people to cross the river. It was decided we would spend some time at the bridge when coming back

The hanging bridge of hatti hole

After walking a couple more kms we found a board indicating the direction to kotebetta and the approx distance. The distance from the board to the top was 7 kms and it was a continous ascent.

Way to kotebetta

The climb began and we were moving at a good places, while taking snaps. There was a good breeze blowing and we proceeded at a steady pace.

With breaks in between, we proceeded on the well defined trail. The sun was beating down on us, however the cool breeze blowing made the climb easier. As we proceeded higher, the scenary improved and we could see the lush green cover of the western ghats

Scenary near kotebetta

A couple more hours of climbing and we reached the end of the trail. The destination was still further away, and we proceeded further by climbing on the rocks and stones. Another hour of climbing and we reached the top. There was a temple at the top where we had a photoshoot and had a small siesta

View from top of kotebetta

After sleeping for an hour or two we began the descent. The trail is a little confusing at the end of the jeep track, and we got lost for a brief period of time. However we could get back to the correct path soon, and we continued the descent. A couple of short stops and we were back to the base.

A quick dip in the hatti river and a couple of shots at the hanging bridge we were on our way to coorg thus completing another eventful day trek

Kotebetta Factfile

Name of Peak: Kotebetta

Distance and How to reach: From coorg, take any bus which goes to somvarpet and get down at hatti hole bridge. All buses stop at hatti hole. From the bridge the peak is about 11-12kms.

Sources for Water: There is plenty of water during rainy season. There are a few wells at the top where one can fetch water

Difficulty Level: Moderate

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Snaps from shashi’s cam


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2 Responses to kotebetta

  1. sandeep says:

    nice writeup and pictures subbu. i was thinking of going to this place too … was not sure only because i was expecting the hills to be dry at this time 😦 from ur pics it looks like there is enough greenery

  2. subbuz1 says:

    Sandeep, u can go to this place now as there is enough greenary now. The scenary improves as u climb higher and u can see the lush green western ghats

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