Roopkund – Day 1: Delhi

Roopkund a skeletal lake located in uttarachal was the destination for this year’s himalayan trek.  This trek was in pipeline for a long time and when checking my FB account, I saw my friend benji posting an update saying he would be going to roopkund in june. The trek was organized Indiahikes and I immediately joined.

With the bookings done we were all set to conquer roopkund along with the rest of the 15 member gang.

We landed in delhi at 11 on fri and we had more than 10 hrs to spare as our train to khatgodam was at 10.40 at night. With srusthi heading to her uncle’s house and poonam going to her college, me, benji and sam had enough time to roam around delhi

We decided to first visit Red fort, which was nearest to the airport. It was already hot when we landed in delhi and it soon became even hotter

Red Fort

We went to red fort first and roamed around for a while and by the time we finished the tour it was time for lunch. Sam wanted to go to karim’s which is very popular non-veg resturant in delhi. Asking for directions we proceeded and we found we had to go via jumia masjid to reach the hotel. A couple of snaps of the majsid and we were on our way to the hotel

Jumia Masjid and old delhi

Asking a couple more people, we finally reached karim’s which was just in the alley next to the masjid and after having a sumptuous lunch we then left for qutub minar, which is a masterpiece of mughal architecture

View from outside of the qutub minar complex

I spent some time taking snaps of the monument and the complex, while benji and sam decided to cool off in the shade outside.

Qutub Minar and the complex

By the time I finished the photoshoot it was 4 in the afternoon. With the temperatures soaring, any plans of going to jantar mantar had to be shelved. Instead we headed to the railway station and spent the rest of the time there waiting for the clock to strike 10.40. Dinner was at mcd where we met the rest of the guys and boarded the train to khatgodam

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  1. The above pictures are showing beauty of Delhi India.I suggest one. the link will use for Gorilla Trekking.

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