Roopkund Day2: The drive to loharjung

After a relaxing overnight journey the gang reached kathgodam station and were ready to head to the basecamp in loharjung.

The Gang

It was a pleasant day when we started the ride, however upon inquiry we came to know it had rained heavily the previous night. Every one were in good spirits and soon the long drive to loharjung which was 270 kms from khatgodam had began

After driving for a short distance we had our first stop for breakfast. The mist on the far away mountains made the place ideal for a photoshoot and everyone were busy clicking away after ordering breakfast

The green mountains

The journey continued with a couple of breaks and soon it was time for lunch. The weather had turned cloudy and it was drizzling. The valley from the hotel where we had stopped had a panaromic view which just had to be clicked

The valley

It was back to the road after lunch and the journey continued.

A few hrs of driving and we had a last stop of tea and then it was all the way to loharjung. The drizzle was continous as we headed to the basecamp. Finally we reached the camp around 7 in the evening.

We were welcomed there by Ayan Bramha who was the camp manager there. Tea and refreshments were served and we had a discussion about the trek where Bramha introduced our trek leader Lokesh who would be accompanying us for the trek.

Soon it was time to hit the sack as the march to roopkund would begin the next day

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