Roopkund Day 4: Ali and Bedni Bugyal

The weather which was clear turned bad at night and it began to rain heavily. The rain had not subsided in the morning when we got up, and this was the sign of things to come for the rest of the trek. It was initially decided we would leave at 6 in the morning was postponed to 7 and by the time we left didna it was 7.45

The initial climb was easy and as we entered the forest the steepness increased. As usual myself and benji were ahead with the rest of the guys following us. The trail was pretty straight forward and we continued the climb with short breaks in between.

A couple of hours of climbing and we reached a place where the trail came to an end. We were looking around for the continuation and soon found it. The steepness increased as we climbed further up and soon we could find the clearing from where we could see the vast expanse of the grasslands

Finally around 10.10 me, benji and poonam reached ali bugyal. We had noticed mist covering the area and we were hoping we could get a clear view once we reached the top

Ali Bugyal Covered in Mist

The guide who had reached ahead of the rest of the group asked us to go to the pond a little further up and wait for the rest of the group to arrive. We were also asked to have our packed lunch while waiting

The pond and the mist

The mist had played spoilsport and we were deprived of the magnificient view everyone were expecting from the bugyals

We waited for the others to join us and after they finished their lunch we started towards bedni bugyal which would be our camp for the day. The mist would clear occasionally revealing the greenary everywhere. Those who were in front were happy to pose of a few shots

Greenary everywhere and happy faces amongst mist

3 more hours of trekking and finally we reached our camp site which was situated admist mountains. As usual we got hot pakoras, soup and tea upon reaching the camp. It was drizzling intermittently when we arrived at the camp and the place as usual was clouded in mist.

Lokesh told us since we had already gained sufficient altittude, there was no need to go for an acclimatization walk. However those who were interested in venturing out, bedni kund and the tea shop were the attractions nearby

With nothing much to a few of us headed out to bedni kund which was covered in mist. The kund is a fresh water expanse of water which was surrounded by a wall with mountains on either side. There is a saraswathi temple near the pond, which people visit during the nanda devi raj jat which happens every 12 years

Bedini Kund and the temples

Having spent some time there taking snaps we headed for the tea shop to have some tea before going back to the camp.

Dinner was served and it was nap time. With the ascent to baguwasa starting the next day

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