Roopkund Day 5: Bhaguabasa and the first look at icy himalayas

It was misty morning when we woke up and the sun was just peeping out of the clouds. We were expecting the sun gods to be smiling today as we headed to bhaguabasa with varun, surya sir and few others who were slow left early while the rest of us started a little late

Lokesh was leading the way and myself and benji following him, with others following us closely. The weather was good and we were racing ahead. Soon myself, sam, benji were quite far ahead. Lokesh who had caught us by then asked us to slow down as the guides asked us to stop at the intersection where the route divides into two

We reached the intersection soon and took a longish break waiting for others to catch

With nothing much to do , a few of them decide to spend their time playing thepli while waiting for others

High altitude game

With others catching up with us, we continued on our way again. The weather had become misty again and we soon reached a couple of large dome type tents where we had a break and had our lunch. The misty weather had turned worse as it was raining by the time we headed out.

The climb to Bhaguabasa began from the tents and it was a steep climb all the way. My pace which was good till then had slowed down dramatically. We were inching our way towards the top when sam showed me ice formations a short distance from where we were

First look at ice

The ice made us to climb even faster and soon we were at kalu vinyak temple.

Kalu Vinayak Temple

It was ice,ice all the way and we had a great time taking snaps. Soon we reached the campsite which was admist beautiful snow capped mountains. The rain had temporarily stopped by the time we reached the camp

Camp admist snow capped mountains

The rain which had stopped temporarily had started again. We were relaxing in our tents, when lokesh came to have a breifing with us. Roopkund looked very difficult in the rain and several theories were discussed. After lot of discussions and deliberations it was finally decided that depending on the weather conditions the next day we would climb till 11 in the morning and then return back, even if it means not being able to see the lake

The weather had made all our plans go haywire and finally after lot of discussions we agreed to the plan.Dinner was soon served and we hit the sleeping bags, with hopes of a clear weather the next day

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