Roopkund Day 6: Roopkund

We woke up early morning only to find it still raining. It took a couple more hours for the rain to stop before we could start the climb to roopkund.

The staff from indiahikes were ahead and were cutting steps in the ice with others following them. We were told to place to foot exactly where they had placed theirs in order to avaoid slipping.

On the way to roopkund

The climb was slow as everyone were wary about not slipping. The higher we climbed the more snow we could see.

Miles and Miles of snow

It began to drizzle in between, however with no shelter anywhere we continued the climb,with breaks in between.

The climb was proceeding smoothly when all of  a sudden nutty slipped and slid down a long way. Though it looked great he was up on his feet and and was climbing already.

Nutty Sliding Down

He was given a huge applause when he rejoined us as it looked a bit scary from where we were.  Another couple of hours of climbing and we finally reached roopkund lake. Everyone were glad to have reached the lake and there was celebrations all round.

Roopkund Lake

Everyone were busy with taking snaps and soon it was time to headback as we had reached roopkund at 10.30. After bidding goodbye to the lake.

The gang at the lake

The descent was even more more tricky than climbing up as we were told to dig in our heels first before keeping the rest of the foot. We had to tread carefully else it was again a downhill journey for us. Arun for some reason was slipping continously as he couldnt maintain his balance on the ice.

Finally after seeing arun slip and slide quite a few times, lokesh began yelling at arun asking him to concentrate on walking and not to let his mind wander.

There were a couple of descents where everyone got to slid down the ice and it was kind a fun doing it.

We reached baguwasa by lunch time and we had to pack our bags to get back to Bedni. There was still a long way to go. The rain had started again and after lunch it was time to head back to bedni. A few of us started while the rest of group were still packing.

The wind was blowing very hard by the time we reached kalu vinayak and after a short stop it was a downhill descent all the way. It was raining intermittently as we continued the downhill journey.

The rain had stopped for sometime and when the mist cleared we could see the bugyal’s in all its glory. The vast expanse of greenary in front of our eyes ws mind blowing. Quickly snapped a couple of snaps before the mist could cover the place again

The bugyals in all its glory

We still had a long way to go and myself and srusthi who were walking together had to pick up the pace as we had to reach the camp before nightfall. With the rain continuing, we could finally pick our pace after reaching the fork in the road. A few more hours of walking and we could see bedni kund.

However we didnt know how to reach the kund. After shouting a couple of times, we found a IH staff running towards us. We followed him and he showed us the route to get to the kund.  He asked us if anyone else had gone ahead of us as the path would go all the way to ali bugyal and its quite easy to get lost here. We replied in negative and headed to the kund. It was already 7.30 by the time we reached the camp. Benji, Suhas and few others and few others had already reached and were relaxing. It could another hour for the rest of them to arrive.

Everyone were too tired to even move out of their tents and as a result dinner was served in the tents itself. It was a welcome relief hitting the sleeping bags after a hard day of trekking.

The trek would come to and end tomorrow as we would go to wan and then back to loharjung via cabs

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3 Responses to Roopkund Day 6: Roopkund

  1. Great to know about your experience to Roopkund, Subbu.

    NIce one!

  2. Marcin says:

    Your pictures are great. In particular Roopkund Lake looks stunning!

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