Roopkund Day 7: WAN and the end of the trek

Today would be the final day of the trek as we would descend to wan a small village in the foothills and from there we would be picked by vehicles which would be waiting for us and transport us back to loharjung thus completing the trek.

As usual the weather was misty when we began the trek and it had not started to rain. The beginnning was a descent and everyone were walking quite fast and many of us took the wrong turn at one place only to hear shouts from those the fork asking us to come back. Soon we were on the right track and we were heading towards wan

The route we took was through a oak forest. Overnight rains had made the ground slippery and slushy.

The slush made walking difficult and there were places where the route wasnt clear. Luckily for us the guys who had gone ahead had marked the path, which made it easier for us to follow

The downhill descent continued for some more time, and as usual it was raining intermittently. Soon we reached a river and the ascent started again

The River

An hour of ascending and we could see the signboards to wan.  Another couple of hours of walking and we could see houses.

We went past a big temple and reached a tea shop. A short break and we reached the road where the jeep was waiting. After a rickety ride we were back at loharjung thus completing an exciting trek.

Things however werent so smooth for those who were behing me, srusthi, sam and harsha who had just got in the jeep. We were promised 3 vehicles so that everyone would reach the basecamp together, however this wasnt provided.The others had to wait quite a long time before they were picked up and no doubt they were upset by the time they reached the camp.

We voiced our concerns to the organizers during the small party we had and the organizers promised to look into this as this was a major goofup. Apart from this the entire trek was well organized.

Snaps from my cam

Consolidated snaps


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  1. benjamin says:

    Didn’t know you wrote 7 posts review of the trek. Just read all of them.

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