Manjarabad Fort

This was one place which I wanted to visit but managed to miss due to various reasons. I somehow decided to cover this along with a few other places during a 4 day visit to coorg and surrounding places.

While returning back I took the longer route instead through somwarpet in the hopes of seeing mallali falls->shukarvarsante->kodlipet->shanivarsante->sakleshpur.  Wet roads and cloudy skies welcomed me as I parked the car near the tea stall which is next to muddy road leading to the fort

Wet roads n Cloudy Skies

The fort was built by tippu sultan. The work started 1785 and completed in 1792. The main purpose of the fort was for defense and to store ammunitions.

One can reach the fort after walking on a muddy path next to the hotel and climbing a flight of stairs

Fort Entrance

There were plenty of visitors to the fort who were enjoying themselves. However I couldnt see any guide or any person who could give me a tour of the fort and explain the history. This meant I had to just take a few snaps and move back as I was asked by my dad to get back ASAP

Fort Inners

The huge area around the fort and the cloudy skies made a good setting to get some good snaps

The fort area and the mountains

The fort is present in Donigal on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway

The fort is ideal for a short stopover on the way to mangalore and this can be clubbed with other places such as Bisile Ghat.

I went back to the car after taking a few snaps, hoping to come back some other day

Snaps can be found here


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