Krishnagiri Dam, Shoolagiri and Chinnar Dam

It had been a long time since I had gone for a proper photoshoot and this made me search for a few places nearby which offered good views and also some relaxation. With the usual surfing came across Chinnar Dam and Shoolagiri and Krishnagiri Dam. Decided to go here on Nov 1st which was a holiday but couldnt, hence decided to push it to the weekend.

My friend Prashant also had a SLR, and since he was also into photography, asked him if he was interested in coming for a photoshoot, which he agreed. Srikanth also wanted to get out of the city, so told him to get the car so we could go to yelagiri which was our first plan. We had decided to cover these enroute or while coming back.

With the rough plan we set out of bangalore at 7.30 which was already late. After picking up prashant we headed to hosur road. It was  already quite late by the time we reached hosur road, and yelagiri looked doubtful. Hence we decided to cover shoolagiri hill, chnnar and krishnagiri dams n then head back home

Our first visit was shoolagiri hill which looks like a trident. The hill can be seen from chinnar dam which supplies water to hosur and nearby areas.We reached chinnar dam asking for directions and the place was empty except for a few kids who were at the dam

Chinnar Dam

We got to the bottom of the dam and clicked a few snaps. The trident hill is clearly visible which can be used as a good background. Trying out various compositions we spent some time, since there was nothing else of interest there we headed back to the car

Shoolagiri and Chinnar Dam

Our stomachs were rumbling and the fuel was also coming down, our next stop was A2B near to krishnagiri, in order to fill up the fuel and also our stomachs.

A short stop for snacks and we were of to krishangiri dam. It was quite hot by the time we reached the dam. A few customary shots and we headed  to the park to relax and wait for the sun to go down

Krishnagiri Dam

An hour of relaxing and we headed back to the dam as the sun went down a bit. The reflections in the water provided a good visual and myself and prashant were busy in composing various angles

The reflections

Spending some more time at the dam, we headed back to the car and back home. A short detour and a couple of rounds in E-City and a visit to an ice cream parlour I went back home, concluding a enjoyable outing

Snaps can be found here

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