NE-GQ Tour: Agra: Day 1 — Agra Fort

It would be an early start as we had a long drive to agra.  After breakfast we hit the road. Passing through the early morning traffic we were cruising along. As usual I asked the driver if there was any places on the way, the driver told me Mathura the birth place of Lord Krishna could be covered if possible.  The temple at mathura would close by 1 pm and if we were to go to the temple, we need to be there atleast an hour before. He also told us it would be a deviation from the normal route and we need to be in agra by 2 if we have to see the agra fort which is quite big and would take time to see. Also the fort would close at 5.30.

With so many variables to consider we decided to continue on the same route and depending on traffic, we would head to mathura if time permits. Heavy traffic on the highway meant slow progress and we had to skip mathura. Needless to say my wife was unhappy.

A short stop for verifying permits at UP border and we were cruising along. Reached the hotel around 2.30. The driver told us he would come to pick us up at 4 to go for the agra fort. Relaxed for an hour and got ready to go to the fort.

Apart from the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort is another tourist attraction in Agra.

Agra Fort

The fort is built along the yamuna river and stretches almost 2.5 km. It consists of a wall built in red sandstone and several buildings inside. Visitors are welcomed by a huge entrance. Walking through the large passageway one can see a entrance to the Jahangiri palace on the right.

Jahangiri Palace Entrance

The interior of the fort has huge palace and other buildings present within it. As with the passageway the courtyard of the palace is also huge. The palace contains multiple levels which can be accessed via small but steep steps. One needs to be careful while climbing the steps as there is no electricity.

Huge Corridors

Apart from the huge courtyard, there are other buildings like Khas Mahal which is made of white marble,  Moti Masjid. There is also a big garden in front of Khas Mahal which can be used by the tourists.

Khas Mahal with other buildings

One can see the back view of the  Taj Mahal from the top of Jahangiri Palace.The inside of the palace contains a large garden which is well maintained.

Taj Mahal

Few monuments are however in a dilapidated state. A couple of rounds inside the fort to ensure that we havent missed any part of the fort and the palaces, we exited the fort through the huge exit

Fort Exit

It took us couple of hours to cover the entire fort. It was sundown by the time we exited the fort. We headed to the hotel. An early visit to the Taj Mahal was scheduled the next day

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