Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills the quint hill station on the outskirts of mandanpalle, AP was choosen for a long drive. My wife was insisting on going out I decide to take this opportunity to hit the road as it had been a long time since i too had been on a drive. I had choosen horsley hills after reading many reviews which praised the serene and calm atmosphere.

Destination: Horsley Hills

Distance From Bangalore: 150 Kms

Route: Bangalore->Hoskote->Chintamani->Madanpalle->Horsley Hills

About Horsley Hills: Horsley Hills is named after a British officer named W.D. Horsley, the Collector of Cuddapah district. He visited this place around 1840-43 and was impressed by the beauty of the hills and chose this spot for his summer residence. Now the Governor of Andhra Pradesh uses this house as a summer residence and hence this house is called the Governors bungalow.

Since the place was only 150 kms it was ideal for a day trip as we didnt have any bookings done earlier. It was a delayed start as we left home around 8. Thin traffic saw us reach hoskote in short time and soon we were cruising along to chintamni. The early morning mist and the chilly weather made the drive more pleasant. Traffic had increased and the speed had come down. The road was being 2-laned which also contributed in the speed reduction.

It was 10 by the time we reached chintamni and we stopped by a hotel for a short break. Stocking up the car with water and some snacks we continued towards our destination. The road conditions improved. The empty roads made the drive more enjoyable and in another hour we reached madanpalle. AP govt is promoting the place heavily by putting sign markers everywhere.

After encountering little traffic in the town limits, we continued and shortly we reached the ghats. Paying the entry fee we went ahead and reached the top. As it was already afternoon by the time we reached I wasnt expecting much. We asked a local, the places that could be seen and to my surprise he told me there was only a view point and the bunglow. When asked about the zoo which was present, I got a reply saying its closed and under renovation. With nothing much to do, we decided to pay a visit to the view point as we had come all the way. Taking a few snaps of the barren landscape we headed to the hotel for lunch.

Barren Landscape

There was a couple of crocs kept at a small pond, and a pheasant¬† and peacock farm present which is present just outside the bungalow.¬† While googling I had come across koundinya wildlife sanctuary which I felt could be covered, however I couldn’t find the exact location of the sanctuary and asking the locals wasn’t helping me either. With nothing to do, we headed back home.

Other attractions

There’s the house of W.D Horsley and the 123 year old tree which he planted, which is other attraction.

The house and the tree

Overall the place is disappointing, however there are some adventure activities like zorbing, rope walking etc on offer there which one can try.

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