Lakes and Dams around kanakapura

The summer heat was making it difficult to sit indoors and it had been a long time since i had ventured out. When prashant called up and suggest a day out, I immediately agreed. We decided to visit a couple of lakes around kanakapura as this would help us capture the reflections in the water the birds present around the lake. Some research showed a few lakes which could be covered and we decided to halt near a reservoir if possible to shoot the sunset.

With the plan in mind, we roped in ramachandra who joined us eagerly for the outing. With the place and the guys ready we headed out on sun morning. A short stop for breakfast and we were soon cruising along the kanakapura road.

We stopped at vaderahalli kere which is just 2 kms from kuppareddy kere. The temperatures were already soaring by the time we reached the lake.

A couple of shots of the lake and our focus turned to the kites present around the lake

Vaderahalli Kere

There were plenty of brahminy kites and black kites vying for our attention, and it was difficult to focus on every one of them. We intially focused our cameras on one kite which was perched atop a tree. Clicking enough snaps, we waited for it to fly so that we could capture the flight in all its glory.

Brahminy Kite

We spent a lot of time anticipating the kite would fly, which it did when we werent looking :(. Soon large no of kites descended and we were busy trying to take snaps of our winged friends. Focussing was proving to be difficult as there were large no of birds. There was a black kite sitting on one of the branches which could be captured well. After a lot of trial and error and few blurred and out of focus snaps, managed to capture few kites in flight

Black Kite and Kites in Flight

We spent some more time there watching the kites fly by and look for food. A couple more snaps and we left the place. We then headed to gulakmale lake which is a short distance from harohalli. The sun was beating down on us and the car’s AC provided some much needed relief from the heat.

We reached gulakmale lake after a short stop. The lake is quite big and the water around made it a spot to take some snaps. The lake though vast is clean when compared to vaderahalli kere which is filthy. There serene atmosphere made us stay there a while even though the sun was almost atop our heads

How to reach : Kagglipura->Gulakmale village->gulakmale lake

Gulakmale Lake

Suprisingly there were hardly any birds around the lake. We roamed around hoping to catch a few if we were lucky. Managed to spot one or two but by the time i could click, they had flown.  Managed to click a couple of snaps of a wagtail though it was far off. We then headed to TK falls which was a couple of kms from the lake

Wagtail perched on rock

TK Falls is located close to gualkmale lake. One needs to drive till the temple and walk for a short while to reach the falls. The falls had gone dry due to the heat. We decided to pay another visit to it during monsoon.

How to reach: Kagaglipura—>left deviation—>byalemaradadoddi—>TK falls

With gulkamale lake completed, we then headed back the same route to thattekere lake. A short break on the way and we were cruising along to thattekere lake. Some off roading on the mud road and we reached the temple. Parking the car we went to explore the area.  We reached the lake at 1 in the afternoon and the sun was directly on top of us. With only a few people present there who were washing their vehicles. We roamed the lake and returned soon as there was nothing much we could do there. With our stomachs rumbling we decided to return to kankapura road and have a lunch before planning the next course of action.

Lunch done and a short nap later, we decided to go to a dam to shoot the sunset. Prashant initially suggested vrishibhavati dam near bidadi for which I agreed, however when we reached there we came to know its not exactly a dam. Instead of wasting time there the point we decided to go was Kanva dam on the outskirts of ramanagaram. With the sun setting fast, it was  race against time to reach the dam before the sun set. A wrong detour cost us some time and after driving around for a few extra kms we were on the right track. The sun had almost set by the time we reached the dam.

There were few families present at the dam when we arrived. There was still enough light to take a few snaps which we did.

Kanva Dam

With light goin down rapidly, it was time to head back to the car and home thus concluding an amazing day

Snaps can be found here

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