Aralaguppe and Thurvekere Hoysala Temples

With another weekend looming in the corner, I was planning for another day trip. The summer heat meant there were very few places to visit and scouring the net, I found out about hoysala temples in Aralaguppe and nearby places in tunkur. Searching around I found thurvekere and Nagalapura also contained some fine monuments. With the places decided, the journey began on sat morning.

A short stop for breakfast and I was crusing along the NH 208 towards tiptur with the first stop being aralaguppe

Name of the place: Aralaguppe

Location: Tiptur, Tumkur

How to reach : Take the Bangalore Honnavar highway and keep proceeding till u get KB cross which is 130 kms from bangalore. A couple more kms on the same road and you get a gravel road to your left. Proceed on the same road till you reach aralaguppe

What to see in Aralaguppe: Chennakeshava and Kalleshwara temples

A 3 hour journey took us to aralaguppe and we reached chennakeshava temple around 12 in the afternoon. The temple like all hoysala temples is built on the star shaped pedestal. The caretaker present at the temple told us that the temple was built in 13th century. The temple is a ekootachala or a single celled temple . The temples here are built by Nolambas and Hoysalas respectively

Front entrance of Chennakeshava Temple

As with all hoysala temples the temple is covered with intricately carvings depecting various stories from the puranas.

Temple Carvings

Some of the prominent carvings include ugra-narasimha, Narayana, Lakshimi, Ganesha among others.


The Garbhagriha houses sculpture of Keshava of Hoysala period. The Prabhavali has miniature sculptures of Dasavataras of Vishnu. The pillars that support the navaranga and the ceilings are elaborately worked. We spent some time admiring the beauty of the temple. The caretaker present there however couldnt give me more information regarding the temple. A couple more snaps amd we left to see kalleshwara temple.

The kalleshwara temple situated next to a large lake was a big disappointment when compared to the chennakeshava temple. The temple was constructed like a simple temple without any carvings

Kalleshwara Temple

The temple was locked and there was nothing much we could do. Roaming on the outside and a photo of the huge nandi.


There is also a huge lake next to the temple, which is used by the locals for washing their clothes and for other things. With nothing much to do there we headed back to the car

Our next destination was Thuruvekere where there are few more hoysala temples present. We were in thuruvekere after a short drive from aralaguppe. There are two temples which one canĀ  visit when in thurvekere

The Channigaraya and Moola Shankara temples are the prominent temples in thurvekere. We reached Channigaraya temple first, however we found a group of people playing cards there. We decidedĀ  to visit moola shankara temple which is just a short distance from Channigaraya temple. When we reached there we found the gates to be closed. The wall however was short enough for me to jump into the temple compound which I did to take a few shots

Moola Shankara Temple

We went back to Channigaraya temple hoping the crowd would have dispersed which wasnt the case. We left for bangalore as it was already 2 in the afternoon. A short stop at kamat for lunch and we were home by 5 thus concluding another day tip

Snaps can be found here

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