Maidenhalli (Jayamangali) Blackbuck Reserve

It had been a long time since I had gone for a drive as the summer heat made it difficult to venture out. The recent rains cooled the temperature down and this prompted me to think of another long drive to beat the heat and the boredom of being at home.

Maidenhalli blackbuck reserve off madhugiri in tumkur was selected. The route takes us through the popular tourist destinations such as devarayanadurga, siddarabetta, goravanhalli, and madhugiri.

About the place: Jayamangali (formerly Maidenahalli) Blackbuck Conservation Reserve is Tumkur District’s only notified protected area. It neighbours Maidenahalli, a small village in Madhugiri Taluk, at the north-eastern tip of Tumkur district of Karnataka state, India. This area is a part of the plains of Deccan plateau and borders Anantpur District of Andhra Pradesh. It is a 798-acre (3.23 km2) patch of grassland with Eucalyptus and Acacia auriculiformis. It has the largest contiguous population of Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) in Karnataka, apart from Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary.

Distance : 140 Kms

How to Reach: Bangalore->Dabbaspet->Madhugiri. Take the right at the fork and keep goin straight till you find jaymangali blackbuck reserve board. Take left and keep going straight till you reach puruvara. Take another left at the flag post and continue on the same road till you reach the mud road. The reserve is 2.5 kms from the mud road.

Permission to stay

1) Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF)
Tumkur Territorial Division,
Kunigal Road,
Tumkur City- 5721 02

2)Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF)
Madhugiri Territorial Sub-Division,
Forest Office,
Madhugiri Town
Tumkur District

It was a delayed start as we left home around 7.30 in the morning. As it was a sunday there was less traffic and we were cruising along tumkur road and soon reached kamat. A short stop for breakfast and we were zipping past devarayanadurga and siddarabetta. Bad roads near madhugiri meant we had to slow down. Another stop for cuppa at a non descript hotel in madhugiri we then proceeded towards jayamangali blackbuck conservation center following the signboards. Driving for a few kms on some bad roads we asked for directions and proceeded. We soon reached the mud road which leads to the reserve. The reserve is 2.5 kms from the mud road

Entrance to the Blackbuck Reserve

There was a high possiblity of spotting some blackbucks and we were driving slowly. We soon spotted a couple of them grazing and roaming in the grasslands. I stopped the car and took a few snaps of the animals

Blackbucks in the grasslands

We soon reached the reserve and found a parking lot near the guest house. After paying Rs 100 for entry fee we went about roaming the plains in search of blackbucks and brids. The grasslands at jayamangali mimic the shrub jungle in africa where the herds roam around freely

The grasslands

We spent some time roaming the grasslands looking for blackbucks however we were unlucky to spot any in the sanctuary. There were however plenty of birds which kept my camera happy. Some of them were sitting on far away wires and trees which made it difficult to take a clean shot

Birds @ Jayamangali

With no blackbucks present we headed back to the car. The care taker informed us there are possibilities of us spotting the creatures after 3. With the sun beating down we took a break for an hour or so. One can stay at the forest guest house by paying a noninal fee of Rs 600. The care taker informed us that 2 batches who had stayed in the guest house left in the morning.

A break for an hour and we headed out of the reserve to find the blackbucks. Parking the car we walked in the grasslands and after a couple of min we could find blackbucks at a distance. I managed to take a few shots as they used to run away as we approached towards them.

Blackbucks at distance

After spending some time watching the animals run around we headed back to the car. A short stop in madhugiri for lunch and we were headed back home after another stop for cuppa at kamat.

Snaps can be  found here


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