Stok Kangri The Expedition — Day 5: The trek begins

When coming back from pangong we saw huge welcome signs in leh, later we came to know His Holiness The Dalai Lama would be passing by and everyone were excited to see him.

Early next morning people had lined up the street waiting to catch a glimpse of His Holiness. We too waited for the convoy to pass by. Some of the people were waiting since early morning. As expected there was a delay and after waiting for another half hour or so we could final see the car approaching.

H.H The Dalai Lama

It was back to the guest house and breakfast was served, as were told people would not cook till they saw His holiness. Once the convoy had passed, we had our breakfast and loaded our bags into the waiting cars. Extra luggage was to be kept back at the guest house itself.

As it was the first day of the trek we decided to drive down to shang village which involves a couple of hours drive from leh. We passed shey palace and took a deviation from the road going towards hemis monastery and continued towards shang village. Couple of cars had already passed us and had reached the village. We were asked to get down and after getting our daypacks we began the march to the camp site after a couple of group shots

The group

It was a short walk from the road to the camp site and we got busy chatting with the rest of the gang. We had a interesting mix of IT and Non-IT guys in the group and were sure to have an interesting time in the days to come. Soon we reached the camp site which was just across a small stream. Our bags had arrived and the tents were pitched up. After having the welcome drink which was served we got into the tents for a while.

Hills and Valley of shang

Soon lunch was served and we got back to our discussions which ranged from treks done by the guys to other topics which helped us while away couple of hours. Rammohan then asked us to go to the shang monastery which is located atop a hill as part of the acclimatization walk.

Shang Monastery

The climb took half hour and when we reached the top we found it to be closed, however we told we could go inside. The lamma i.e the head priest was out and we made use of the time goin to the top of the monastery.

Deepak who also had a SLR n myself along with vinay began a discussion about composition, exposure etc. The laama arrived shortly and we went down.  The shang monastery as per the laama was built over 800 yrs ago. The inner part of the monastery retains the original look, the pillars are continously reinforced.  The laama also showed us some old prayer books which the monastery houses. Spending some time there and seeking the laama’s blessing we headed back to camp.

More discussions continued with rawat and he shared some of his experiences while on treks. As the sun went down we had our dinner and retired to our tents as the actual trek would begin from tomorrow


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