Stok Kangri The expedition — Day 7: Shang-Pu to Gangpoche

The trek from shang-pu to gangpoche would be a long one as per rawat. It would take us approximately 6 hrs to reach gangpoche. The inital plan was to camp at mato doksa and then proceed towards gangpoche the next day. However this had to be altered as there was no source of water at mato doksa and the distance to gangpoche is an hour or so.

As usual we started the trek after stretching exercises and breakfast. It was a the same routine as the previous day after climbing for 45min we took a break for a short while before moving ahead. The overcast skies was making us little cold and our jackets came out when we took a break

Break Time

The climb continued again and we were moving at a good pace. To reach gangpoche we had to cross two passes one being shang-pu la which is at a height of 16500 mts and another pass which is much smaller

We reached shang-pu la after a long walk on flat terrain. A short break and the climb began. It was slow moving as we had to stop after couple of steps to get some air into our lungs before moving ahead. The altitude also played a major role as this was the first pass of this we were climbing. Slow and steady progress continued and soon we reached the top of the pass.

Climbing the Shang-Pu la

We could see our camp site which was quite a long way across. Luckily we had an hour break at mato dohksa for lunch and a we spent the time relaxing while waiting for the ponies to come with our lunch. Once lunch was consumed it was a non stop march till the gangpoche.

After climbing the steep incline it was a full descent on a very narrow trail till we hit the river. After filling our bottles it was time to climb another pass which was not so high as shang-pu la. The trail was quite narrow and any slip would send us down the valley. Walking slowly we made our way to the next pass where we had another break.

The trail to gangpoche

We could see our camp site from the pass and to reach there we had to descend and cross another small stream which we did. Finally after 6 hours of trekking we reached gangpoche. The camp is situated in middle of now-where with snow capped mountains surrounding us on one side and a closed valley on the other.

Snow clad mountains @ Gangpoche

Evening was spent discussing about various foods and other topics. Dinner was served which we had under a camp fire and retired for the day as we had the climb to mankrmao the next day


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