Stok Kangri The expedition — Day 8: Mankarmao

Before we left shang-pu we had asked bramha to get the Indian flag as we wanted to celebrate Independence day at the camp where we would halt. On 15th morning as usual as we were about to leave gangpoche rawat reminded us about the days significance and asked us to chant the national anthem which we all did. Soon it as time to head to the hills and to mankar mao

Singing the National Anthem

It would be a short walk and we were expected to be there by afternoon. All trekkers who head to stok camp at mankarmao and it was necessary for us to reach there soon and pitch our tents before others come and occupy the place.

The march began as usual with a steady pace and after an hour we took a small break like other days for a short while before heading again. Crossing a couple of streams we continued our climb which was at a steady pace. Soon we reached a pass which we had to climb. This was not very steep which was easily reached. A couple of snaps and it was a long descent all the way down

We came from there

The wind was blowing at a high speed and it was very cold at the top. Jackets soon came out as we got ready for a group shot. We didnt want to stay there for too long and we began the descent which was really steep. Slowly we progressed down and as the descent continued the pace increased. Soon we reached the bottom and rested for a while, as the rest of the group were still far behind. Another couple of group snaps and rest of the guys arrived. Tsering asked us to be in a group and follow him which we did.

Shortly we reached another climb and a steep descent followed. We could see the basecamp across the river. Praskash Sir and few others had already reached the camp while me and the rest reached the camp soon. We were asked to pick our spots for the tents to be pitched as we didnt want other teams to come and occupy the space. A couple of photos of the peak and the ponies arrived with the tents and other equipment

Photos from Mankarmao

Tents were pitched and soon we found other groups arriving. Hot soup was given and we got back to discussing stuff. While pitching the tents we met couple of french climbers who were on their way to the stok base camp. A casual chat with them and we came to know they r seasoned climbers who had done lot of climbing in the alps and also travelled a lot in india as well. We bid them goodbye and continued our work.

With nothing much to do me and deepak headed towards the base camp for a short walk. Walking for about an hour, we reached the bend from where we could see stok clearly. Crossing a couple of boulders we were trying to capture the landscape in various angles. Spending half and hour there we headed back to the camp expecting bramha to come with the Indian flag so we could hoist the flag and celebrate the Independence Day

Landscape @ Mankarmao

Getting back to the camp took another half hour and after sometime we saw bramha come to the basecamp. Soon we saw pradeep also come. He had skipped the initial part of the trek due to sinus issues and now he had joined us at mankarmao. Bharani soon joined us and bramha took out the Indian flag which he had bought along with a football.

The stage as set to hoist the flag and to celebrate Independence Day at 4400m

Independence Day Celebrations

Flag was lowered down after a while and we went back to our tents. Dinner was soon served and we hit the sacks


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