Stok Kangri –The Expedition Day 9: Stok Base Camp

The stok kangri base camp a couple of hours from mankarmao would be the destination for today. Since it would take us less time to reach the camp we decided to take it easy. The path to the basecamp was through the same route me and deepak took to the valley to do our photography. There is a arrow pointing the other way and we followed it.

Crossing streams and boulders we continued the hike. The terrain was pretty flat and we were moving at a good pace. The final climb to the summit however was pretty steep. It was a slow ascent and 3 hrs after leaving mankarmao we reached stok kangri base camp

Stok Kangri Base Camp

We could see huge no of tents from various countries already pitched up and people were busy walking around. A couple of photos from the camp and we went in search of a place to pitch our tents. Bramha had told us if weather conditions are good we would attempt to reach the summit one day before the actual planned day.

When the ponies arrived we pitched our camps and relaxed as we had nothing else to do. There was a short shower and the skies cleared up. Me and anshul went for a short stroll to try and photograph the distant glacier and the mountains as we had nothing else to do

Around base camp

Upon returning to the camp, we were told since the weather had cleared we would be attempting the summit tonight itself. After an hour or so we were called out as tsering and rawat were giving a demo of the gaiters and crampons which we would be using on the ice and other details would be given.

It was time for the demo and rawat gave a brief about the summit climb we would be doin at night. Tsering then showed us the gaitors and crampons we would be using and gave a demo of how to put them on and take them off. We were told to use the crampons only on ice and no to be used on rocks and gravel as it would spoil the crampons.

We were then grouped into teams consisting on one fast walker and a slow walker to even the odds and we were sent back to our tents for some rest. Dinner would be served in an hour or so and the summit climb would be at midnight


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