Golconda Fort

Golconda fort is one of the major tourist attractions when one visits Hyderabad and as I was in the city of nizams on official work, I decided to pay a visit to the fort.  The fort is in ruins and has become a major attraction now.

The ruins contains 4 distinct forts and is 10 kms in ong outer wall with 87 semicircular bastions (some still mounted with cannons), eight gateways, and four drawbridges, with a number of royal apartments & halls, temples, mosques, magazines, stables, etc. inside.

I reached the fort after finishing my work. I could get only a couple of hours to visit. Those who are interested in knowing the history of the fort and significance of each structure can take a guide who’ll explain the history of the fort. Since I had less time i decided to just go ahead and take a few photos. As I was roaming the fort I heard a guide mention action scenes of the bollywood blockbuster Wanted was shot at the fort.

There is also a laser show at the fort after dark and those interested can buy the tickets for that.

Few Snaps of the fort

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Snaps can be found here


Chiktirupathi is a popular place 30-40 kms from Bangalore. The place is popular pilgrimage site and is becoming a favorite place for cyclists recently. I had done a ride to chiktirupathi couple of months back with  Sundeep and few others and the empty roads made the ride more enjoyable. To get to chiktirupathi or anywhere out of bangalore one has to negotiate the heavy traffic which can consume quite a lot of time. To avoid this I was looking for bike mount options for my car. Thule was costly and was also model specific.

Since RR cycles was just down the road  from my place, I checked there and came to know about BnB rear mount rack which could carry 3 cycles easily and was cheaper compared to Thule. Checked the rack and found it to fit the Swift correctly, went ahead and purchased them and saw how to get it fitted.

Couple of my friends wanted to buy new bikes and we decided to go out for a ride. This would help me to test the rack as well as I would be using it more regularly. Plans were discussed the previous day and it was time to hit the sack.

Next day it was time to fit the rack and it was done as it was shown. After fixing my cycle on the rack I waited for Chetana and Kumar to come to my house

All set for the ride


An hour of waiting and Chetana and Kumar dropped in and we headed to Indiranagar to pick up Vikyath who soon arrived at Sony World. Mounted his cycle on the rack and we set off to decathlon to rent the cycles

Vikyath and My cycle on the rack


Reached decathlon and got 2 cycles for rent. Couple of group shots and we were off for the ride

The team L to R (Chetana, Kumar, Vikyath, Me)


The road from decathlon towards sarjapur is a slight descent and we made good ground. The traffic was less and we had a good ride for an hour till our tummies began to rumble. A short stop for breakfast and we continued the ride. The weather was sunny and a cool breeze made the goin easy. We reached sarjapur and soon were riding towards chiktirupathi which was 13 kms from sarjaur. The empty roads made the ride more pleasurable.

Couple of pit stops for few snaps and we were were cruising along

Sunflower fields on the way


Another hour of riding and we were at chiktirupathi. There were few other cyclists there and we stopped there for a break. A cup of tea, few more snaps and we headed off

At Chiktirupathi


With nothing planned further we continued to ride further and see what comes up. Couple of kms and we found a road going towards narayanakere and took a deviation. The roads were empty and we had a good time riding

Road to narayanakereIMAG0305_resize


The empty roads lasted couple of kms and we reached the end. Asked for directions to sarjapur and continued the ride. Some off roading on a dirt road for a km or two and we were on the main road again

DIrt cycling

IMAG0309_resize               IMAG0315_resize

Though the sun was beating down on us it wasn’t too tiring. We had push a bit when getting back as we had to return the cycles back at 2. Some hard peddling without any breaks saw me and chetana reach decathlon at 2.45 with kumar and vikyath reaching at 3. Some rehydration and it was time to get back. We stopped for a late lunch and it was hit the gas. Dropping vikyath at Cox Town we headed back home thus completing a wonderful ride.

Snaps can be found here

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