Bettamugilalam is a small village just of hosur near krishnagiri. Bangalore mirror had published an article regarding it and this made me to plan a drive to this place.

Even though the article was published in 2010, attempts to go to this place failed due to various reasons. This time I however decided to go this around as I had ample free time on sunday.  As usual it was a solo ride, and I zoomed off towards hosur.

Name of the place: Bettamugilalam

Distance : 100 kms

Route: Bangalore-> Hosur->Denkankottai->Ayyur->Bettamugilalam OR Bangalore->Harohalli->Maralwadi->Thally->Denkankottai->Ayyur->Bettamugilalam

The main reason for going to this place was to enjoy the ride in the reserve forests of denkankottai and banergatta. I decided to take the route via hosur when going and come via thally and maralwadi thus enabling me to cover both the reserve forests.

How to reach: Reach denkankottai and continue further towards anchetty. Drive for couple of kms from the bus stand and you’ll get a godown to your left and holy mary high school to the right. Take the road going left of the godown and continue till you reach bettamugilalam.

With roads being empty, i could enjoy the amazing scenary while clicking snaps. Driving on the twisty roads was fun, even though the road surface deteriorates as we move towards the destination. Suprisingly there is nothing to be seen once u reach the end. The place contains a hospital and couple of houses. One can go further towards rayakottai and to hosur via this place. I however couldnt enquire about the route and road conditions as there was very few people present. One person mentioned its a grassland and there is no forest cover.

There was one deviation on the way and i was told the path leads to a small area which is frequented by elephants. Due to lack of time and proper mode of transport, I couldnt explore the place. A short break at the deviation and i headed back to denkankottai where i stopped for some snacks.


With the snack break over, it was time to head towards thally also calle Little England.  The road which was initally good, turned bad after driving for some distance. Repair work done on the road has caused the deviations to be put up and the with heavy vehicles passing, there is lot of dust and debries.

Stopped for another short break and asked for directions for kanakapura road.  I was asked to go the bus stop and take a right there and keep following the road going right till you reach maralwadi.

The road is littered with pot holes, however the empty roads and twists compensate for this. The road snakes through the BNP firnge and it was a pleasure to ride on the empty roads.

Empty roads@BNP

The journey continued through the fringe roads before exiting at harohalli busstop. A short stop for lunch and it was a non stop ride back home thus completing a long pending drive.

Snaps can be found here

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