Mallali Falls

Mallali falls is a desolate falls located 20 kms of somvarpet. This along with abbi matta falls, make some of the less visited falls in somvarpet.

Mallali falls was on my radar for sometime now, however circumstances prevented me from visiting the falls. However with things falling into place i had a day to spare on my visit to mysore, i headed to mallali falls on saturday.

It was a early morning start and soon I was cruising towards coorg. A short stop for cuppa at kushalnagar and we were cruising along the ghats towards somwarpet. The road conditions for most part is good except for couple of odd potholes. As I was going to the falls for the first time, directions had to be asked at intersections before proceeding. We reached somwarpet after enjoying the drive in the ghats and we had to take a left couple of kms from somwarpet town to proceed to the falls.

With the scenary and roads improving the drive continued with couple of breaks and soon we reached mallali falls.

Scenary in western ghats


Soon we reached the board indicating the direction to the falls. To reach the falls one needs to do some off roading for 3 kms on a non existent track until we reach parking place. To get to the falls we need to walk a another km or so. One can see the falls from the top from here. To get to the base of the falls, steps have been constructed which needs to be climbed down and walk on a single track for some more time.

View of mallali falls


We walked for a while in blazing sun while clicking snaps of the falls in various angles. There was quite a long way to go to the falls and we were supposed to return to mysore by sundown, hence we decided to turn back owing to come back again.

Few snaps of the falls


We had lunch which was packed from home and it was back to mysore thus ending a long pending visit to the falls

Snaps can be found here


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