Magod Falls

Magod falls is one of the popular waterfalls in yellapur, Uttara karnataka. The other popular falls in this region are sathodi and unchalli falls.

During our coastal trip after visting kadra dam we started our journey towards yellapur. We reached the checkpost to continue on our way and we were informed that a tree had fallen and the path was blocked. Just as we were discussing our options we found a bus from kaiga atomic plant going in the same route and we decided follow them hoping the path would be clear. Luckily for us we soon found another car coming from the opp direction and they confirmed the tree has been cleared.

The route from passes through a single track in the forest and the drive was simply breathtaking. Though there were a lot of potholes but driving through the zig zag curves were fun. The joy was soon shortlived as we reached the end of the track where we found the bus from kaiga standing. A short break and we headed towards yellapur.

Couple hours of driving and we reached the intersection for magod falls. The falls is 19 kms from the circle and we had to ask for directions along the way at a couple of deviations. Soon we reached the place and headed to the falls after parking the car.

The falls can be seen from a distance, however there is no direct route to the falls. There are steps built for a short distance which allows one to view the falls more clearly. There were quite a lot of people when we reached the falls, since there was enough space for everyone and we could see the falls in all its glory. Though there was not enough rains this year, there was enough water in the falls.

Magod Falls






Clicking snaps of the falls we spent some time there. The sun was beating down hard as it was already afternoon. With our stomachs rumbling we headed back to the car. I inquired about possibility of visiting sathodi falls which is another popular in the region, however I was told there was no water there. Unchalli falls was too far to visit hence that had to be dropped. With nothing else to see, we headed to yellapur for lunch and then decided on the next course of action.



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  1. it seems there is very much less water in falls.Because after mansoon in these months waterfall is huge.this year mansoon was weak in south india.

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