Universal Studios – Sentosa

A visit to sentosa island is not complete without visiting Universal Studios. Universal studios in a separate location on the island and occupies a huge area. The entry tickets cost 74 SGD and one can have an amazing time inside watching muscial shows , riding on roller coasters and watching live action stunts.

We purchased the tickets and took a bus to sentosa island. The journey from the city takes around an hour and we were at sentosa by 10.30. The bus driver asked us to return to the same spot where the bus would be parked at 7.  Since we had already purchased the tickets we went inside directly.

Universal Studios


The entire place is divided into various sections such as Hollywood, Scifi, Jurrasic Park, Madgascar, Mummies etc each representing a block buster hits from universal studios.

We first entered hollywood and saw a musical drama in the monster house. The stage was lit up the artists disguised as werevolves, dracula, etc and we had a nice time enjoying the show.



Finishing the musical show we were walking along to sci-fi area when we saw a live hip hop dance which was incredible. Along with the dancers even the audience got a chance to shake as well.

Hip Hop

The next stop was the sci-fi zone where there were a couple of roller coasters. The main attraction was the transformers ride which is 3D.  It was an simply amazing. There was a huge queue for the ride and it took about an hour to get my turn. Each one has to wear a 3D glass before they can sit in the vechile and the ride is incredible. This is one of the must do rides in universal studios

Transformers The Ride


My friends had been to the roller coaster rides while i waited for them to return. The next stop was egypt and the mummies. There was another roller coaster titled “Revenge of the mummy”.  Couple of photos and I waited outside while my friends went for the roller coaster ride

Entrance to Egypt




With the ride over, the next section to visit was far far away, and were entertained  by a 4D movie and a musical by the Donkey from Shrek series. A few photos of the castle and it was off to Jurassic Park and Waterworld where we could see a live action dramatization of the waterworld movie

Far Far Away Castle


Dinos @ Jurassic Park


Snaps can be found here


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