Cycling @Turahalli

Turahalli is one of the last green areas in bangalore and is favorite joint for bouldering and off late off road cycling as it offers some good trails for budding cyclists.  Off late lot of the local guys have been visiting turahalli for cycling so much so that we even a local downhill cycling race as part of the year long races that is held.

Inspite of me travelling on kanakapura road numerous times i was yet to pay a visit to turahalli. I decided to head out there with couple of friends to enjoy some trails. It was a delayed start and with a pit stop for breakfast, we headed to banashankri and then to kanakapura road. We reached turahalli after an hour of cycling and headed to the trail.

Start of turahalli trail


Slowly peddling we continued onwards the temple and the trail was beginning to rough out and we enjoyed going through the steep ascents and descents without crashing. We spent some time exploring the trails. Since this was my first cycling downhill, had to be careful not to crash since i had gone there without any protection.

Offroading at turahalli

DSC_0038_resizeDSC_0028_resize  IMG-20130420-01124_resize

Soon it was time to head back and it was a slow ride back home with a stop at BOTS.

Snaps can be found here

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