Munnar – Day 3

For today’s visit we decided to pay a visit to periyar wildlife sanctuary where we could see the famous nilgiri thar. Ananmudi peak was also on the radar however that had to be dropped after a visit to the tourism office.

Since it was a monday we were hopping for less crowd, however we were in for a suprise when we reached there. The queue for the tickets was stretching as long as the eye could see and it would take us a good 3-4 hrs by the time we got our chance for the tickets. The thar would have to be seen some other time and we headed to top station which is a scenic viewpoint and around 40kms from munnar town.

Couple of snaps of the tea gardens on the way and we were cruising along towards top station.

Tea Estates


We passed echo point and reached kundala dam. We took a small break there hoping for some boating however it wasnt to be as there was no water in the dam.

There were other things like horse rides, target shooting to keep the people amused. Spending some time there we headed to top station. The brilliant roads which we found till now gave way to pot holed roads and soon we reached top station. As usual we found a huge holiday crowd there as well.

The weather was pleasant by the time we reached top station. The ticket counter was quite a distance from the parking and we could see a big crowd coming and going. The scenery  improved as we went

Scenery near top station


One needs to go down the stairs that are built to reach the viewpoint. The usual holiday crowd was present in full force even at the viewpoint. Clicking snaps i slowly made my way to the viewpoint. Spending some time at the viewpoint doing some photography.

Top Station



It was a slow climb back to the top and it started to rain by the time we got to the top. Heading back to munnar we stopped at a tea plantation from where we could get a fantastic view of the whole valley covered in green. Clicking more photos of the valley we spend some time there admiring the beauty of the place.

Lush greenary



It was time to head back to the hotel as we had a long drive back to bangalore the next day thus ending a wonderful trip to this popular hill station.

Snaps can be found here


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