Recee to GN Kote

Gummanayakanapalya is a small village located in bagepalli taluk->kolar disrirct. The village contains a fort and few ruins built by a local cheiftain. While searching for places to visit I came across this fort and decided to pay a visit on sunday. I was of the assumption that following the directions given in the source would lead me to the fort but I was very mistaken. Upon inquiring from the locals after reaching bagepalli I was asked to take a left driving after driving 8 kms at a dhabha and go around 13 kms.

As directed I proceeded on the road only to come across a village called Jule Palya. When asked here I was again asked to go another 5 kms further. At the next stop the gentleman whom I asked said the place is easily approachable from bagepalli and I have come in the wrong route. I was asked to go to pate palya and ask directions from there. Turning back I headed the same way and took the right which was not noticed earlier. The road which was wonderful till now began to turn bad. Huge craters began to appear and the progress was slow. After going for few kms I asked an auto guy for directions and I was told to further to 3 kms and take a right which will lead me to pate palya, continuing on the same road for another km or two will take me to the main road and from there I had to take a right and go another 6 odd kms. Following the directions I came across the board giving directions to the place. GN palya was 6.7 kms from the signboard. Another 10-15 kms of driving saw me reach the place. The fort was standing magnificiently in front of me.

GN Kote



One needs 3 hours to explore the fort completely. However there was not enough time to do this hence another visit is required to this place. There is also a guest house where one can stay.  With the proper one can reach the place in 2-2.5 hours, however going around in circles while looking for the place cost me valuable time.


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