Bhairavadurga Fort

Bhairavadurga is part of the 9 durgas or Navadurgas i.e forts surrounding Bangalore. The remaining 8 are as follows : Nandidurga, Savandurga, Channrayanadurga, Devarayanadurga, Huliyurdurga, Huttridurga, Kabbaladurga and Makalidurga. Searching the net on about the place I got the location and headed out to pay a visit to this fort. The plan was decided and Chetana, Vikyath and Teddy joined for the trek.

The route for to reach bhiravadurga is as follows : Bangalore -> NH 48 -> Solur -> Take right -> Kudur -> Travel another km, u’ll get an arch -> Take left and proceed till you reach the base of the fort.

We left bangalore on sat early morning and soon we were cruising on the the mangalore highway. Solur was reached in no time and the journey continued while asking for directions to kudur. A brief stop for couple of photos of the tree covered route and we resumed our journey.

Road to Bhairavadurga

IMG_6305_resizeWe spotted the fort atop the hill and we took the photo of the hill which we were about to takle.

Bhairavadurga fort atop the hill

IMG_6307_resizeWe met two local kids who had been to the top and they agreed to take us to the top. The path is confusing as there is no direct route to the top. The path we took was steep and we had to climb to the top on the rocks while doing a balancing act. The path is strewn with thorns and the long grass makes the path virtually invisible. It was a slow progress and soon we reached a clearing where we could see the countryside. A short stop for couple of photos of the country side and we proceed to climb further

vast serene country side


Climbing little more we reached the first tier of the fort where we could see the crumbled walls. The fort also has a few standing stones and dilaplated ruins of stuctures

Ruins of Bhairavadurga Fort



IMG_6334_resizeWe spent some time roaming around the fort and the kids showed us couple of foot prints which they said belong to lord bhairava. Spending some more time there before heading back.


IMG_6344_resizeDescent was again a tricky affair as we took a different route. The overgrown grass made it difficult to place our feet and there was always a possibility of slipping. An hour and half of descending took us back to the car thus concluding the trek

Snaps can be found here

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