Weekend at Jungle Lodges Bandipur

Jungle Lodges is a govt run premier resorts and jungle lodges which has its properties in different places in karnataka. Jungle lodges has properties in KGudi in chamarajnagar, Bandipur, Kabini and other places. Having heard so much about Kabini which is one of their famous properties, I decided to book for the same but due to holiday season and the popularity there was no reservations available either in KGudi or in Kabini. Reservations can either be done online or by visiting their corporate office in Khanija Bhavan or at MG where they have their branch office. The location of their offices is mentioned in their website.

I booked their bandipur safari lodge for the weekend. Based on the no of days one books there you have different programs. A typical weekend consists of a safari in the evening after lunch, a 1 hour documentary on wildlife conservation after safari and snacks on day 1. Day 2 : Either you can opt for another safari or take a nature walk. After you are back, brunch is served which completes the programme. If you plan to stay for the day, a drive to himavad gopalswamy betta would be undertaken in the evening.

Battling the traffic on mysore road and through nanjangud, we reached bandipur at 12.3o. After checking in, it was time for a stumpous lunch. After a short rest, it was time to head for safari.

JLR Cottage inside view


Compared to the safari run by the govt which is for only 1 hour, the safari conducted by JLR spans 2.5 hours. Instead of using a bus which is covered on all sides, the jeeps and van used by JLR is open on all sites except for a roof on top.

There was a high hope of spotting the big cats along with the other animals, but lady luck was not on our side. The following sightings were done on day 1

Birds : Brahminy Kite, Crested Eagle, Woodpecker, cuckoo,mynah

Mammals : Elephant, Gaur, hare, sambar, deer

Day 1 Sightings





The safari concluded and we headed back to the resort. Tea and served followed by a documentary on Project Tiger. It was time to hit the bed after dinner.

Day 2 started with another safari and another hope of seeing the big cat. The safari again proved to be a disappointment as we could only spot peacocks and couple of hares along with the usual deers. As usual tea and coffee were served along with breakfast after coming back from the safari. It was time to pack up and bid goodbye to the lush forests.

Day 2 : Peacocks/ hares





Forest Trails


It was well worth the stay in JLR Bandipur. The resort is just at the entrance of bandipur. The staff are courteous and the accommodation was good.

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