Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek Day 1: Off to haridwar

It had been 2 years since I had been to a himalayan trek with Stok Kangri last done in 2012. The lure of the mountains was getting irresistible  and it was time to head to the himalayan mountain ranges again.

Srikanth was having the same feeling and we decided to head for another trek in the himalayas. Indiahikes was chosen by default as with the previous two treks. With so many treks being conducted we had to choose which one to do as we had to balance our holidays. There were few treks which were in the pipeline and we finally zeored in on Deoriatal to chandrashila peak trek which would fit our schedule perfectly. The trek was a new one which was announced by Indiahikes and not too difficult.This would serve as a nice trek to get back in the groove.

With the trek confirmed, payments were made and tickets were booked for haridwar which is pickup point for the trek. Things were going smoothly, with mails from Indiahikes asking us to fill up the details in a XLS and another mail asking us to get the required stuff for the trek when the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal and its surrounding areas in India, caused some minor panic. We were informed by Indiahikes they are in touch with the basecamp and Uttrakhand where the trek is, has not been affected by the earthquake. This gave us some relief and with the final preparations done, Me and Srikanth headed to Delhi and then to haridwar to meet our fellow trekkers.


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