Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek Day 2: Drive to basecamp

_MG_0786_resizeWith a delay of an hour our train reached haridwar railway station. The other members of the trek were already present and after a quick round of introductions and shake hands we boarded the cabs towards sari where our basecamp was located.

It was a 8-10 hour drive and as we had almost a whole day, we began to socialize with our cab mates. Various topics from the trek everyone had done, to new routes which can be explored were discussed. We were total of 20 members which was divided into 5 cabs. During stops for lunch the members from the other cabs would join us for discussions.

The lush green mountains looked inviting and during breaks, we took couple of photos of them before heading on.

Lush green mountains


The drive continued and we reached the basecamp at sari by dusk. We were greeted by the trek leader Rushish and we got to relax for a while. The rain had began to fall by the time we reached sari. Jackets and warm clothes were soon out to make ourselves warm.

We could see chandrashila peak from the basecamp and after a short photo shoot we gave our medical certificates, disclaimers and other documents required for the trek.

Chandrashila from the basecamp


Mountains everywhere

_MG_0794_resizeAfter a cup of hot tea and dinner some time later we retired to our rooms for a good night sleep. The trek to deoriatal (devariatal) lake was coming up the next day


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