Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek Day 3: Trek to deoriatal lake

A clear morning sky and weather awaited us when we woke up the next day. With a good night rest, everyone was charged for the trek. It was a slow start for the day as everyone woke up late after a long drive yesterday. With breakfast done , myself and few others headed for a small walk around sari. The trek to deoriatal lake starts couple of meters from the campsite.


_MG_0795_resizeWe found a small map showing the route to deoriatal lake and further on to tungnath temple and to chandrashila peak. A quick snap of the map for reference and we headed back to the camp.

Map to chandrashila

_MG_0799_resizeGetting ready for the trek

_MG_0800_resizeRushish assembled everyone and we were given a briefing about how to pack our backpacks to mountain ettiquttes. Those who were new to trekking were taught how to use the trekking pole along with its Do’s and Dont’s. With the briefing done it was time to start the trek.



The route to the lake is a straight one from the camp and its a well paved path all the way to the lake.

Route to lake


Couple of final snaps of the peak and we set off for the trek.

Chandrashila at a distance

_MG_0804_resizeThe trek group consisted of a mix of young kids as old as 12 to grown ups. Being the first day of the trek, body was not fully used to trekking with a big load. With a little huffing and puffing we reached a temple after an hour of trekking for a short break.



Couple of minutes of rest and we continued towards the lake. The lake is frequented by locals as well as trekkers and we found quite a few locals heading towards the lake. It was a slow march to the lake with breaks in between and finally around 1 in the afternoon we all reached the lake.

Deoriatal Lake

_MG_0813_resizeThe lake as such is quite small and we found other trekkers already there with their tents pitched up. We were expecting a big lake and we were a bit disappointed to see the size of the lake. We relaxed for a while and took few photos of the lake before it began to rain.

The lake is faced with a huge mountain range comprising of peaks such as chokamba, kailashdome etc. Rushish gave us the names for the list of peaks.

Peaks near Deoriatal



_MG_0841_resizeIt was raining intermittently and by evening the rain had stopped. We spent the rest of the evening photographing the peaks. The sun had come out briefly and soon the temperature went down along with the sun and it was time to head back to the tents. Dinner was soon served and we hit the sleeping bags as we had a long trek to rohini bugyal the next day


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