Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek Day 5: The climb to Bhujgali

The climb to bhujgali starts immediately from Rohini bugyal and then descends steeply all the way to the river from where we need to climb all the way up to the grasslands.

After the inital climb, it was a smooth descent to the river where we took an extended break to enjoy the cold waters. We spend some time indulging in photo sessions. Spending about an hour at the river, we packed our bags and started the climb towards bhujgali.

Photo Sessions @ river



Climbing for couple of hours we reached a stone settlement with fantastic views of the mountains. The flat grassland also had a small stream flowing which served as a good point to pit for lunch. A short seista and we again began the final climb to the campsite which was an hour away.

Lunch point

_MG_0927_resize_MG_0929_resizeTents were already up and we settled into the tents. We were lucky to get a clear sky and after a couple of group photo sessions and some sunset photos, Rushish called us for another briefing where we were shown the use of gaitors and ice tractions for the ascent to chandrashila peak.

Sunset @ Bhujgali


Group snaps


Dinner was served early and we retired to our tents as we had a very early start the next day. The ascent to chandrashila peak due the next day and every one was excited


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