Deoriatal-Chandrashila Peak Trek Day 6: Chandrashila Peak

It was D-day today as chandrashila was meant to be conquered today. Everyone woke up at 3 and were raring to go to the peak. The necessary gear including gaitors , ice tractions , etc were packed the previous day itself.

At 3 in the morning, we were woken with tea and we started the trek to the peak at 4.30. The way to chandrashila peak starts from bhujgali or from chopta which is two kms from bhujgali and goes via tugnath temple which is one the highest shiva temples in the world.

On the way to tunganth temple

_MG_0963_resizeThere is a straight path from bhujgali to tungnath which is well paved. As we climbed higher we could see snow and everyone began to play in the snow by making snow balls. Slipping and sliding a little we reached the temple

Tungnath Temple

_MG_0977_resizeResting for a while and taking photos, we continued the ascent towards chandrashila peak. The guides were there to help us as the snow and ice made the path slippery in couple of places. Soon we reached the final ascent where we had to wear tractions due to the deep snow. Some of us tried walking in snow but we find it difficult to walk and were slipping and sliding

Peak @ Touching distance

_MG_0993_resizeProgress was much smoother once we got the tractions on and soon we were on the peak., It was a joyful moment for everyone and we were busy with photoshoots (group snaps/solos) etc.

The team @ The Summit


It was time to get down after spending some wonderful moments it was time to head back to the base camp. Tractions were put on and couple of hours later we were down.


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