Makuta Trek – Day 2: Trek to Pattimalai peak

It was an early start as we had a steep climb to pattimalai waiting for us. Ram who got up very early had cooked wonderful pulao which we packed for the trek ahead. After a quick breakfast we started the trek.

The initial part of the trek was the same route we followed yesterday till the water point. The guides told us there is no water from here on and we filled our water bottles and drank as much as possible. The path to pattimalai starts immediately after the water source and it climbs steeply. Ashushosh and hemanth the guide took off and werent to be seen till we reached the top.

Our Destination


The climb is steep without any respite and the gradiant increases at certain places. With loose gravel, leaves and rocks getting a firm balance was difficult. With short breaks myelf, ram and rahul continued to the peak while amit and harsha were behind us.

View of the valley



Couple of hours of climbing we reached the peak, where we found ashutosh and hemanth relaxing. They had reached an hour back and were waiting for us to come. It was time to take a breather and I managed to get a small nap while the others were busy with their photo shoots.

Photo Op



I too went ahead for couple of photos and after few group snaps, we decided to head back as it was already 12 in the afternoon.

Descent was gonna be  tricky and with the steep gradient in few places we had to be careful. After slipping/sliding couple of times we reached the base by 2 PM. Ram and others were already there and were having a nice time at the water source. The pulav that was packed was consumed and after a long break we headed back to the APC thus completing a wonderful trek. The last bus to virajpet was at 8.30 and after packing up our stuff we bid goodbye to the forest dept personnel who had helped us in the last 2 days.

It took an hour to walk back to the main road. The 6.30 bus was already present at the bus stop. Myself and Amit went to virajpet while the rest of the guys took a while to come.  We spent the time sitting at the bus stop while the rest of them took a open jeep to reach. Chit chatting we spent the rest of the time. The bus to bangalore reach at 10.3 0 and we came back to the city thus completing a wonderful trek, the first for the new year

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